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Dems win

Click over to Daily Kos and see his nifty chart at the top of the page. Dems take the House with a gain of 28 seats for a 231 to 204 advantage. They take the governorship with 6 gains and control 28 states to the Republican's 22. And the Senate is now tied 50/50, with two recounts outstanding. Lieberman won, but at least he got kicked out of the party. He's said he'll caucus with the Dems but after the treatment he's received i wouldn't be surprised if he switched sides. The good thing about the Lamont challenge is it forced Lieberman to change a lot of his positions, especially around the war, and also hopefully humbled him a bit.

6 years ago i would have said this wouldn't matter much. Today, i'm not so sure. On the one hand, we know that a lot of the new Democrats that have been elected are right-leaning, and we know that nearly all of them are still under the influence of corporate power. On the other hand, it is important that a lot of ordinary people switched parties or came out of the non-voting woodwork to make this change - even in districts that 6 months ago were considered "safe" red zones. The goal is to keep that pressure on and make sure that politicians know that people are sick of bullshit wars and fake terror alerts and an economy that leaders say is doing well while people are struggling. This election we pushed things from far right to somewhere in the center. Next election let's tip it a little further to the left.

By fnord12 | November 8, 2006, 7:42 AM | Liberal Outrage


the problem is they keep moving the center, so even if we keep electing "centrists," we still keep moving inexorably to the right.

look at PA. we're ecstatic that Santorum got the boot. but look at his replacement. Casey's anti-abortion rights and anti gun control. is he the new center? that bodes ill for those of us actually hanging out on the left.

i disagree that Lieberman will be humbled by his experience. i think that now that he's survived this, he'll feel he's invincible. despite all the trouble he's gotten, despite having to change his position, despite the "tough" questions he's had to answer, he won. he was right all along that he is what CT wants, and therefore, the rest of you can just go to hell and take your "short ride Joe" slogans with you.

i hope that racist dick Allen in Virginia loses to Webb. Webb currently leads by less than 6,000 votes. i wouldn't be surprised if they have a recount and we don't find out for weeks what the final decision is. George "Macaca" Allen isn't likely to back down. unless, ofc, the FBI charges him with voter obstruction. that would be sweet.

meanwhile, in Montana, Democratic challenger Tester's lead over Burns is even smaller. less than 2,000.

it's almost exciting.

update on the election results:

DSCC has basically called the races in VA and MT as democratic wins even though they're still counting.

in MT, they feel Tester's margin will only increase as the counting continues.

in VA, Webb's lead has increased to 8,000.

Major gains in state legislatures, too: