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You know, i guess i'm a hypocrite or something, but i don't really care about the fact that Murtha considered (but didn't actually take) a bribe 26 years ago. I'm interested in stopping the war in Iraq as soon as possible. Murtha was the anti-war candidate (whatever his actual position, that's what he represented) and this guy represented the "moderates". And the democrats in the house voted overwhelmingly for the moderate. Which signals to me, and i hope i'm wrong, that they aren't really interested in stopping the war.

The Republicans put Trent Lott back in a leadership position, so i guess it's ok for Republicans to admit that they're racists again, but it's too soon to forgive Murtha for something that may have happened in 1980.

(Hey, at least Hoyer supports music education...)

By fnord12 | November 16, 2006, 5:16 PM | Liberal Outrage


i agree.

you're a hypocrite.