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Oh Crap

They're producing them factory style now.

These students are part of a large, well-organised movement that is empowering parents to teach their children creationist biology and other unorthodox versions of science at home, all centred on the idea that God created Earth in six days about 6000 years ago. Patrick Henry, near the town of Purcellville, about 60 kilometres north-west of Washington DC, is gearing up to groom home-schooled students for political office and typifies a movement that seems set to expand, opening up a new front in the battle between creationists and Darwinian evolutionists. New Scientist investigated how home-schooling, with its considerable legal support, is quietly transforming the landscape of science education in the US, subverting and possibly threatening the public school system that has fought hard against imposing a Christian viewpoint on science teaching.
Home-schoolers are drawn to PHC partly because of its political connections and partly because, unlike most Christian colleges, it boasts high academic standards. Besides the focus on creationism, much of the curriculum is dedicated to rhetoric and debate, preparing students to fight political and legal battles on issues such as abortion, stem cell research and evolution. The technique is effective. For the past two years, the college has won the moot court national championship, in which students prepare legal briefs and deliver oral arguments to a hypothetical court, and has twice defeated the UK's University of Oxford in debating competitions.

As evidenced by the neocons, the evangelists are very good at organizing. We are in so much deep shit. These kids will be programmed to push the neocon meme. Because they're being groomed for political positions, they'll be able to get that meme out in the media and into government policies.

Let's be honest. The Democrats won this midterm election and miraculously won both Houses. Great. But it's pretty common in a midterm election for the power to shift, so how much of it was due to the Democrat's own strategizing and how much was it just that people are fickle? I still harbor doubts that the Dems could win themselves out of a paper hat in most scenarios. And the Leftists and Progressives (as in "not the Democrats") are so factioned that for them to set up any kind of organized response to the fresh batch of neocons set to be pumped out by Patrick Henry College is a far fetched hope.

I think we might be doomed. And i have no hope that the norms will wise up and put up some sort of resistance. Most of them have trouble with doors.

By min | November 10, 2006, 3:17 PM | Liberal Outrage


Doesn't the (relatively) high turnout defeat the 'people are fickle' argument?

nah. if people were steadfast, they would have continued to stay away from the polls.