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Oh, the Irony.

The leader of America's powerful National Association of Evangelicals, a vocal supporter of George Bush and opponent of same-sex marriage, has resigned after being accused of paying for sex with a man.
The Associated Press reported that Ross Parsley, the acting senior pastor at the New Life Church, had told local station, KKTV-TV, that Mr Haggard had admitted that some of the accusations were true, but did not elaborate any further.

"I just know that there has been some admission of indiscretion, not admission to all of the material that has been discussed, but there is an admission of some guilt," Mr Parsley told the station.


Mebbe they just like having a "sordid" secret life, and that's why they're so opposed to gay marriage. It just wouldn't be as exciting if it was ok.

Between this and the Coulter thing, the week is starting to look up just a tiny bit.

By min | November 3, 2006, 8:38 AM | Liberal Outrage


Evangelist admits meth, massage, no sex (AP)