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So What Do You Want? A Pat On The Head?

The media is so proud of itself for defying the Bush Administration and going ahead with using "civil war" when speaking of Iraq. They're so proud, they can't stop talking about how much they talked about making the terminology switch before actually going ahead with it. They didn't come to this decision lightly, folks. It didn't just happen in a snap decision. No, sir. They reviewd the facts and gave it all very careful consideration. Almost as much consideration as deciding what type of gel to use in their hair.

You morons. You're a bunch of loathsome boot-lickers who rarely do more than parrot what you're told. If you had bothered to do your jobs in the first place, mebbe we wouldn't be mired in Iraq now. Mebbe thousands of soldiers wouldn't be dead. Mebbe we would have a lot fewer people willing to blow themselves up just to take a few of us out. So, now that the Democrats control both houses, you're feeling a little brave? You're thinking you come out and give the Bush Administration a raspberry, and we'll forget about the huge pile of shit your manipulation of public perception landed us in? I hate you even more now.

By min | November 28, 2006, 1:43 PM | Liberal Outrage