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The political affiliations of your favorite super-heroes

From Dave's Long Box. I agree with them all*, but Batman is the funniest.

*Update: On the way home from work, i decided i don't agree with Superman's.

By fnord12 | November 28, 2006, 4:12 PM | Comics & Liberal Outrage


I'm intrigued by the update. What made you change your mind, and to what?

i disagree with the assessment of democrats. since when are they responsible with their power? and the description of a far left democrat? A) i don't see how a democrat and a liberal have anything to do with one another. B) liberals are rich, skirt-chasers? nice. the centrists can keep streisand, thanks.

considering my definition of left and liberal seems to be nothing like what other people think is left, i'd like a list of concise definitions for each political position so that i will know who deserves a beating.

To answer Wanyas - it's the death penalty thing. I know he killed some Kryptonians - who hasn't - but i don't know that he's generally pro-death penalty. Also considering when he was originally created and by who he's probably closer to Cap. Unless i can only go by post-Crisis stories. DC gives me a headache.