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What do you people want?


By fnord12 | November 15, 2006, 4:40 PM | Ummm... Other?


In regards to what? Your website? In general? For dinner?

A million dollars, a million girls, and a million comics.

i want everything that i should have that i'm not already getting.

Now I hate to point this out, but what are you going to do with a million girls? Think about it this way, if you scored 3 times a day every day until you died, and with a different girl every day, the most you could probably expect to get though are 60,000 girls.

Plus, you might want more than 1 million dollars as you will most likely have to support quite a few children born out of wedlock.

As for me, I love crushing people's hopes and dreams, so in a way I actually got what I wanted.

Now please excuse me as I have to go steal some candy from a baby.

You need some extra girls to give to friends for gifts and stuff. Plus, I can't 'entertain' them all at once, so they got to 'entertain' each other (they sure as hell can't read my comics!) Plus, you never know what kinda mood you're gonna be in. Yeah, usually I might go for a busty blonde, but every now and again, I might want a one-eyed bald midget who can only speak every other word.

As for the money, I presume the girls come with their own financial needs come taken care of including for any possible offspring, so no problem there. With a million girls and a million comics, there's not too much more I need.

Or we could sell the babies to Madonna.

a million comics? so much of it would be so bad.

what about a lesbian left-handed eskimo albino midget who likes lowering small children into manholes?

If the girls can "entertain" each other already, then you run the risk of them not needing you anymore. Also, what exactly is Madonna going to do with all those babies, eat them?

Don't answer that.


...one-eyed bald midget...
-Wanyas the Self-Proclaimed

Well now.