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Comics Crossover Categories

"The need to compile lists is a personality disorder, as is the need to assert the superiority of some things
over other things." -Jeremy Hardy

I don't know who this guy is (I saw the quote in someone's sig) but he can go to hell.

  • Type 0 - A meta-event that isn't really a crossover, like Nuff Said or Flashback (-1 issues)
  • Type 1 - An independent mini-series. It may be bookended in individual books but the entire story takes place in the mini series. Secret Wars, Galactus The Devourer, Infinity Abyss, and Secret War are examples.
  • Type 2 - A mini-series with additional story taking place in individual books. The additional stories are usually not crucial to the main story. Secret Wars II, Infinity Gauntlet, and Maximum Security are examples.
  • Type 3 - A round-robin story that takes place within individual issues without any supporting mini-series. Each individual issue is an important part of the story. There are three sub-types of this type:
    • Type 3 A - An event that crosses-over with other titles about the same character or characters. Example: Maximum Carnage
    • Type 3 B - An event that crosses-over with the same family of titles. Examples: Operation Galactic Storm (Avengers) and X-Cutioner's Song (X-Men)
    • Type 3 C - An event that is universe-wide (even if the focus is on a specific family) and the story is told only in individual titles. Example: Mutant Massacre (Included X-titles + Power Pack + Thor)
  • Type 4 - Uses a mini-series or several mini-series plus additional stories in individual titles to depict parallel occurances within a large event. Examples: Age of Apocalypse, House of M.

Agree/disagree? Help me define them better, or tell me it's impossible to categorize them. How does Civil War fit into the categories as i've defined them (it's either a type 2 or a type 4, or we need to be able to define Events sort of like compound-complex sentences, with features of both types 2 and 4)? How about Fall of the Mutants, which was essentially three unrelated stories (i think it's a type 0, except that some of the unrelated stories had crossovers with other titles). Aaand, what's your favorite type of cross-over? I'm a classic Type 1-er, myself.

By fnord12 | December 6, 2006, 3:59 PM | Comics


First off: Neeeeeerrrrrddd!

I prefer type 2, generally. Though any well written of any type I'd like (duh). And if I happen to read all the titles involved (which presumes they're well written), then type 3 is good too.

Civil War is Type 4. Despite what they said, too much happens in side-titles that relate to the main mini. A good test will be how coherent the mini will be on its own when it's all done. But, at the very least it includes those spider-man issues.

Fall of the mutants is a tough one. It might be a type0 with some type 3c thrown in for good measure.

(mutant massacre could almost be a type0 with the meta bit being the writers were all friends)

This is very hard to do overall, though. There's a lot of overlap. I think the best thing to do would be to decide what the cross-over mostly is.

Actually, the best thing to do would be to lie down and take a nap.

Jeremy Hardy is an English alternative comedian...known for his socialist politics coupled with a very English delivery. (Edited wikipedia entry)

who's the nerd? the nerd who posts it or the nerd who replies 3 times????


You got me. what can I say, you got me.