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Hitesh Preservation Society

I've created a Tribute to Hitesh page in the comics section. Hitesh was a racmu poster who, like most geniuses, was never recognized for his unique contributions to Marvel Universe scholarship. It seems the vast majority of his postings are lost to the world, but i have preserved what i have been able to find.

A sampling:

> Now, the Morlock, Leech, probably has several points more than Rogue,
> allowing Leech to neutralize a low powered mutant's power but probably
> could not neutralize a high ranking mutant like Venom or Carnage. As
> for sound vibrations neutralizing Venom or Carnage is probably a
> weak trait Peter Parker probably put in his tacyion projection with
> artificial intelligence, allowing Spiderman to play the superhero
> or photographer - allowingn him to make a small but questionable
> income if & when he was in need of money rather than robbing a bank -
> whenever he was either bored or no supervillain showed up to make
> trouble.

By fnord12 | December 11, 2006, 3:20 PM | Comics