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Insignificant worm, don't you know it's the holidays?

We're off from work for a week, so we won't be posting anything on the blog (not that we, ummm, post on our blog while we're at work!). I've left MODOK in charge of things around here, so don't screw around.

By fnord12 | December 22, 2006, 3:00 PM | Comics & My stupid life


just wanted to let you know i caught a few minutes of the pucca show. and its almost exactly how i imagined it would be from the stickers and pictures. haha. =) anyways. Merry Christmas!

the least you could do was tell us what time and channel it's on.

i would have but i didnt know when its actually on. i kinda just caught it randomly. it was on toon disney channel. actually it seems to be on tonight. so maybe fridays? 8:30pm and again at 1am. i dont know if they show it any other time but if i see it, i'll let you know.