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Let them use credit cards

Actually, i think i agree with the Bush administration on this (a first?). I don't want our money to turn even more into Monopoly money than it already has, and i don't think i'd like it if all my bills were different sizes. But i did think this line was funny: "The government said the blind can also use credit cards instead of currency." Seriously! Screw blind people. It's not like they can read my website anyway. And if any blind people are reading this website, i have one thing to say to them: Window. Foreground window.

By fnord12 | December 12, 2006, 6:21 PM | Liberal Outrage


I just read this thing on yahoo and I agree. The blind are obviously right, but I don't like them changing my money, dagnabbit!

Plus, I think you meant foreground, right?

Yeah. I fixed it. Not that a blind person would know the difference.

hes mocking the blind. i love this guy!

As a blind man, I take offense to this.