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Death Report

Found on Atrios:

JACK CAFFERTY, CNN ANCHOR: Is Anna Nicole Smith still dead, Wolf?

BLITZER: Yes, we're going to -- updating our viewers coming up shortly on...

CAFFERTY: I can't wait for that.

BLITZER: ... the mysterious circumstances surrounding that, Jack. Thank you.

By fnord12 | February 9, 2007, 2:18 PM | Liberal Outrage


when did jack cafferty stop working for channel 4?

he's made lots of interesting comments over the years. i've just been looking at his wikipedia bio. i'm surprised that he's still allowed to comment considering his remarks against the bush administration. mebbe cause he makes racist comments, too, so they give him a pass.

follow up: Lou Dobbs wouldn't report on it.


poor wolf. that man gets no respect. i just can't understand why that might be.....oh yeah. he's an idiot.

but this is like the biggest news in the century.. like.. everyone should care about it...