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What's going on here?

I am bored.

Sure i have plenty of work to do, but my post-acquisition company is all falling to bits, gloriously, and i'm not particularly motivated to do anything. More importantly, due to reasons outside of my control, my copy of Civil War #7 has not been delivered to me, and therefore i can't go to any of the comic book sites where i would normally waste a quarter of my day. I'm also sick to death of reading about how congress is screwing around with ending the Iraq invasion (also here, if you like torturing yourself).

That leaves me with nothing to do but post doctored pictures of people holding giant bunches of celery. Love ya!

Next up: cute animal pictures!

By fnord12 | February 28, 2007, 12:49 PM | Comics & Liberal Outrage & My stupid life


You can't even read Dave's Long Box which is usually about old comics!

i know! that's when i felt the walls closing in.

They are closing in!

Maybe, I'll go re-read this issue of Civil War again! Ha, ha, ha!

oooh, is Civil War #7 out? I'll have to go to the comic store. Maybe we can discuss the dramatic conclusion on wayne's blog!

Perhaps there's a post set-up for any such discussion.

You could play chuzzle.


Love ya??