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Pod people

The government is infiltrated!

Monica Goodling, the lady who was taking the 5th with regards to testimony on the Gonzalez/prosecutor issue, is a graduate Regent University law school. This is Pat Robertson of the Christian Coalition's college. She went to undergrad at "Messiah University".

Goodling is one of 150 graduates of Regent University working for the Bush administration.

At a school designed explicitly to produce inflential professionals, worldview plays an especially crucial role; it is the bridge from inner spiritual beliefs to public action in the professional sphere. It's for this reason that Regent's professors are required to integrate "biblical principles" into every subject area, and it's the reason that law students take a class their first year in the Christian foundations of law. Regent Law School Dean Jeffrey Brauch calls the result a "JD-plus" Students take the standard canon of legal education -- torts, property, constitutional law -- but supplement discussions of what the law is with discussions of what the Bible and Christian tradition say the law should be, reading Leviticus, the Gospel of Matthew, and Thomas Aquinas alongside their case law. The same model extends throughout Regent's nine schools, which offer courses like "Redemptive Cinema" and "Church-based Counseling Programs," while infusing standard professional training with insights and injunctions from the Judeo-Christian (read: Christian) tradition.

All of this found on Digby, who says: "I wonder what book in the Bible blesses vote rigging? Did Jesus preach that lying to is a good thing or that ruining someone's reputation in order to cover up ethical misdeeds (and potential crimes) is godly? I hadn't heard that. But then, I don't share the conservative Christian "worldview" so what do I know about morality?"

By fnord12 | March 28, 2007, 2:04 PM | Liberal Outrage