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Ant-Man - kind of like Heroes for Hire bringing in Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy, bringing in Damage Control is a signal to me that this series is going to be more of the "goofy/funny" than "serious-disturbing/funny" and that's disappointing. I like the idea of a series about a total bastard who is not a super hero but pretends to be one in order to get chicks and loot, but i don't like goofy-bad comics like howard the duck or she-hulk. This issue was fine but i'm wondering if there's really anywhere to go from here.

FF - i've read a few reactions to this online and i can see where people feel like suddenly the Black Panther just pulled a bunch of gadgets out of nowhere in order to settle the conflict, and it did feel like everything resolved a little too neatly but A) Reed Richards constantly pulls wacky devices out of his butt to defeat the bad guys and B) in this case the devices in question are from the much-loved Christopher Priest Black Panther run. Regardless of that, this has been a great run with good dialogue and characterization.

Captain America - great stuff. The very last line of Bucky's inner monologue threw me for a loop. Very funny (serious-disturbing funny). Overall, it was a great set of reactions to Cap's death, confirming for me that i didn't need Jeph Loeb's probably awful Fallen Son mini. I loved the squabble between Red Skull and Dr. Faustus. When Arnim Zola is acting as a mediator, you know you're dealing with some unstable people. Zola's description of Doom's technology ("A lot of his science isn't exactly... science") was cool, too. My only (minor) complaint is that Epting's usually awesome art fell apart when showing the remnants of the resistance fighters - suddenly people's faces were melting.

Secret Wars count - i couldn't keep track due to the crowd scenes but i didn't get anywhere near eight.

By fnord12 | May 29, 2007, 2:30 PM | Comics


Mr. Fantastic
Human Torch
Captain America (dead body)
Wasp (in wake scene, hard to tell if seen)

Oh sure, if you're gonna be reckless and count everyone who could turn out to be a SHIELD LMD or an Arnim Zola clone or a King Solomon's Frog alternate reality imposter.