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That much closer to a Secret Wars movie

With Marvel now making their own movies, they shouldn't have to worry about different production companies owning the rights to various characters when they're ready to do the mother of all cross-overs. Assuming Marvel doesn't go broke and lose the rights to all their characters if the movies don't do well. Now they just need the rights back for their major characters like Spidey, the FF, and the X-Men. How does that work. Do the rights to the characters expire over a period of time, or are they licensed to do a specific number of movies, or what?

By fnord12 | May 24, 2007, 10:51 AM | Comics


this maisel guy wants to combine 2 iron man villains into one to "save money". and he's responsible for signing the deal on that spider-man musical. these are not good things.

he might be able to make a successful movie that will net marvel some money (he did work for disney, afterall, so he should know about branding), but i don't think he's going to do very well in making a marvel comics movie.

also, wtf is wrong with marvel that they are making these crappy deals? they only net $25k on spider-man 1? oi.