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The first dream involved a water slide and spies. But then instead of a water slide, it was a ski slope. And instead of spies, it was Iceman. I was Iceman but i was also watching someone else be Iceman. But it was all just a computer simulation. The visuals were way cooler than the written description. I blame Marvel Ultimate Alliance for this dream.

We then segued into a musical drama starring Bing Crosby and Judy Garland. She's destitute. He's a famous actor (they're always in show business in musicals. i think it's a way to rationalize all the singing and dancing. except when they're sailors. then they aren't necessarily in show business.) They fall in love. They adopt a bazillion kids. He brings her flowers. She leaves him. But they still love each other. A chance meeting at a restaurant where she's there to dine and he happens to be performing in a cabaret. Throw in a couple of songs, one of which is in French. Plus a yacht that can separate itself into 3 pieces so as to conceal the size of the boat while it's docked. Being a famous actor, Bing didn't want the public to know he was in town. You don't have to tell me that makes no sense. It was all automated, too. Like when the Enterprise separates its saucer section. There was a decided lack of dancing, but Bing Crosby's more of a singer than a dancer so it's not really all that unusual

And during a completely different sleep cycle, we have a vampire skrull who is being controlled by another alien, presumably for world domination purposes. It's usually about world domination. Oh, and subjugation of the planet's inhabitants. The vampire skrull was more interested in seducing skrull chicks with his vampiric charm and not at all appreciative of someone else pulling his strings.

Knowing how much you all love musicals and hate comic books, i took special care to remember that dream better than the other two. Lucky ducks.

I don't even like Judy Garland.....*sigh*

By min | June 11, 2007, 8:09 AM | My Dreams