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Giuliani: Corrupt Fascist

Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone

Key quote for me:

The [Ron] Paul incident [attacking Ron Paul for suggesting that the reason terrorists attacked us was due to the fact that we bombed Iraq in the 90s] went to the very heart of who Giuliani is as a politician. To the extent that conservatism in the Bush years has morphed into a celebration of mindless patriotism and the paranoid witch-hunting of liberals and other dissenters, Rudy seems the most anxious of any Republican candidate to take up that mantle. Like Bush, Rudy has repeatedly shown that he has no problem lumping his enemies in with "the terrorists" if that's what it takes to get over.

By fnord12 | June 6, 2007, 11:51 AM | Liberal Outrage


Let them attack each other. Ron Paul is the worst of the bunch:


Let them trash-talk each other right into the ground!


Just want to clarify that i'm no Ron Paul fan. The point of the article above was that the way Guiliani attacked Paul is indicative of his Bush-like tendencies.

It's like you want the terrorists to win.

I can't even imagine why you hate america so much.

I hate you because you bombed...

I hate you for your freedom.