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Our political discourse

What happens in local politics is a good indication of where our national politics are going. We have here a Republican State Senator from Alabama punching his Democratic colleague (I chose the heavy metal version of the video). Democrats had better start shaping up and getting ready to punch back or the voting public is going to think they are a bunch of sissies. Wouldn't hurt to start throwing a few pre-emptive punches now and again just to be sure, as well.

By fnord12 | June 12, 2007, 4:03 PM | Liberal Outrage


I didn't really notice this until the end, but did you check out how that guy threw the punch. It was all arm and no shoulder. Maybe the Democrats look like sissies, but that Republican punches like a girl.

never throw your shoulder into a punch. makes you vulnerable to a throw.

the problem isn't him throwing the punch with no shoulder. the problem is that overhand motion. that's how little kids punch when they're not fully in control of their fine motor skills.

Please tell me which Democratic representatives are proficient in Judo. Also, its not all shoulder, you need hip motion as well, or you don't use any of your body weight. Yes, you can get thrown, but without it you might as well open hand slap someone. At least the slap will leave a red mark.

I think what we need in our government are masked pro-wrestling legislators. Lets see a legislator deliver a Thunder-Fire Powerbomb.

He's not currently in office, but Newt Gingrich knew ju-jitsu.


I'll put the Great Sasuke against Gingrich any day.

Unfortunately I can't seem to post the link at the moment.

Check it out: