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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

Ant-Man: I take back my concerns about the comic getting too silly. This is really good. I was afraid i was going to have to make up my own explanation as to why a guy i never heard of can knock out Dragon Man with one punch, but in the very next panel they gave me the explanation i would have made up. Thanks! Also: did Dragon Man travel back from the Battleplanet with the heroes in Beyond or do i need an explanation on how he returned? Ofc, none of this has anything to do with the quality of the comic, which was all character development/interpersonal relationship stuff, done very well. But i prefer to talk about punching Dragon Man.

Iron Man: Also very good. I need to pick up the Warren Ellis run to understand more about what Extremis is. Also, it's unclear to us whether the scenes depicting the Mandarin's revival were flashbacks (in which case, why was it urgent that SHIELD go to China in recent issues?) or current (in which case, how can the Mandarin be orchestrating these events?), but i'm sure a re-read of recent issues will clear that up. Not going to do that now, though - that's why these are speed reviews. I like the modernization of the Mandarin and i like the way this story is unfolding - i used to just get this because my brother wanted it, but it's actually moving up to be a title i look forward to.

Omega Flight: Good, but slowly paced. Even if this were an ongoing, i'd be antsy about this title. As a mini, it's clear that nothing is actually going to happen in this series. We could easily have cut this issue in half by removing a number of the pages showing the Wrecking Crew walk through the Great Beast's dimension (and the dimension should be in black and white, dammit). It also seems a little contrived to have the demons that hounded Beta Ray Bill's people be related to the Canadian Great Beasts - just an excuse to get Bill on the team. Still, it was done well. I love the props the Wrecking Crew is getting, too. They are Thor level villains and they are being treated as such; in the recent past they've been used as "generic thug" villains, which annoyed me. Good story; just wish it would move a lot faster.

By fnord12 | June 11, 2007, 10:22 AM | Comics