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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

Ant-Man #12 - Nice wrap up. It's interesting to see O'Grady acknowledge that he's... irredeemable, but it seems almost shame to have him trying to reform. Still, i guess after 12 issues, you're either stuck in a rut or have to have your character develop, so i think that cancellation was probably the best choice from a story point of view, even if sales were better. Good series, though.

Spider-Man & Red Sonja #2 - This is a bit dry. As i was reading some of the city scenes, i was thinking it would've been cool to do this as a full marvel universe event; sort of an expanded version of the Uncanny X-Men Kulan Gath story. And maybe it still will be. We've seen Vermin and Sonja is talking about finding allies. It definitely needs something to spice things up.

Quasar #3 - i was kind of hoping the savior Quasar was looking for would turn out to be Warlock! Yeah! But i guess since Moondragon scanned the savior and said it wasn't a computer mind negates that theory. Doesn't matter if we don't get any more kewl characters in this series, though, since it's great as is. And i *like* Moondragon as a literal dragon, i don't care what the internet people say.

World War Hulk #4 - Zom turned out to not be as bad ass as i remember, but we'll chalk that up to Dr. Strange keeping him in check. I like the angle of the Hulk not letting the Illuminati defend their actions as a parallel to all the times he himself was falsely accused or misunderstood. Pak has a good handle on the Hulk. Looking forward to the Sentry's calming effects.

Captain America #30 - Good good good.

By fnord12 | September 24, 2007, 9:00 PM | Comics


Ant-Man: I felt that the end, where he doesn't help Spider-Man is a sign that he really isn't going to change. I also disagree with your feeling that this 'needed' to end.

Quasar: What were the complaints about this issue? My main one was that they take a lesbian couple in comics and turn it into just a weird comics relationship. But, it was well-written! and Warlock as the savior is a brilliant idea (though, last he was seen, he was Douglock and calling himself Phalanx, I think).

Ant-Man: I wouldn't want the story to become like Thunderbolts, where instead of being about a bunch of cool villains pretending to be heroes, it was about a bunch of milksops always trying to "do better". Maybe Kirkman could have made it work, but this was a borderline book for me anyway so i'm glad to have the resolution.

Quasar: Oh i just read a few posts with people saying 'i thought i liked Gage but WWH: X-Men was pointless and Moondragon turning into an actual dragon is stupid so maybe he's not as good as i thought'.

When i read the wikipedia entry previously, i liked the part about the cycle where the Phalanx build a tower to contact the Technarchy, but the Technarchy consider the Phalanx an abomination so they always destroy them, and it made me think that Warlock could work as the 'savior'.

On Ant-Man, I thought that him making that realization was because the series was ending, so they'd give him closure. I felt like he would've not had Eric decide this and keep on with him just being an ass.

Phalanx: I like that part, too. I don't know who came up with the idea that they're compelled to build this thing that will kill them (Lobdell?) but it's very clever.

Thunderbolts: I probably liked this series longer than you. I do feel they made two major mistakes: revealing who they were to the audience too early and revealing to the Marvel Universe too early. I would've loved to see them team-up with the Avengers.