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Bonus Random Lyrics

Translation of the Kikkoman song (found on an old post on Tom Tomorrow's blog while searching for something else):

It came from the star of a soybean.
He is the messenger of justice.
Food will become very delicious if soy sauce is poured instantly.
Fly in dining out! It is mortal work Kikko-panch!
"fried egg ... soy sauce is best."
Show me Show you Kikkoman...

It came from the star of a soybean.
Funky that guy is Kikkoman.
Soy sauce is good for the body.
There is also a sterilization action.
It does not become a comparison in sauce and catsup.
It is mortal work Kikko beam!
"Therefore, it must also have been told to egg baking that soy sauce
was the best!"
Show me Show you Kikkoman...

...is it possible some of you haven't seen the video?

By fnord12 | December 13, 2007, 11:07 AM | Ummm... Other?


This isn't about this post, but, sure, it's awesome, why not?, but rather your webcomics link. No Jesus & Mo?

Man, Jesus and Mo fell off my radar screen months ago. Thanks for reminding me; it's added.

Joshua is going to be singing this for another 6 months now. Thanks a lot.