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JMS asked for his name to be taken off of One More Day

Link (JMS's response is at the bottom of the page):

In the current storyline, there's a lot that I don't agree with, and I made this very clear to everybody within shouting distance at Marvel, especially Joe. I'll be honest: there was a point where I made the decision, and told Joe, that I was going to take my name off the last two issues of the OMD arc. Eventually Joe talked me out of that decision because at the end of the day, I don't want to sabotage Joe or Marvel, and I have a lot of respect for both of those.

I shouldn't even be reading this since i haven't read part III yet, but i kinda knew what was gonna happen from months of internet rumor build-up. I still think there's a good chance that there's a suprise twist at the end, though.

By fnord12 | December 5, 2007, 4:25 PM | Comics


I specifically didn't mention this to you for fear of spoilers. But, weird, huh? But, of course, we don't know yet how this actually ends and what he's referring to because the 4th part isn't out yet. For all we know he wanted to kill Peter, Mary Jane, and Aunt May and bring back Ben Reilly.