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First It Was Sagging Pants

Now they want to ban you from school if you shave your eyebrows.

Some students at Centennial High School have shaved vertical lines into their eyebrows in a trend recently made popular by hip-hop star Soulja Boy. School officials say the mark looks like a gang symbol.

Centennial administrators are telling students with the lines that they can't return to school until they shave their eyebrows off. Assistant Principal Mark Porterfield said the students are not suspended, but they are not allowed in school until they cooperate.

And i thought Oregon was full of liberals.

The school's line is that some gang's have started shaving vertical lines in their eyebrows as a way to show they are in that gang and the school's not having any of that, regardless of whether or not the kid's in a gang.

What happened to good ol' fashioned tattoos to show your gang status?

Exactly what does this accomplish anyway? They're not saying you can't come to school if you're in a gang. They're not saying they're going to use this to identify which kids are the ones to watch. They're not saying that they're going to implement a program to try to get these kids to quit their gangs. No. They're just saying that if you try to exhibit anything that could be construed as gang affiliation, you can't come to school.

Well, i don't know any kid who doesn't know which kids belong to a gang and which don't without the use of identifying clues. So, if the school is worried about the shaved eyebrows being a necessary component before a gang member can start intimidating another student, let me assure them that this is not the case. They will intimidate whoever they want anyway.

Instead, like the sagging pants, school administrators are taking something that would have come and gone and been a complete non-issue and making into one. As Jazie B. pointed out, just tell them Vanilla Ice used to do it and they'll stop right quick.

On a side note, this quote from a student at the school makes me realize how old i am.

Gonzalez, 17, says he isn't in a gang and shaved the lines to look cool and impress girls.

Yes. Vertical lines in a boy's eyebrows are super cool and have always been a personal turn-on of mine.

Mebbe it's not a sign of my age but a sign of my eternal lack of cool.

By min | April 29, 2008, 2:21 PM | Liberal Outrage