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Oh, Good

From TPM:

As you may have heard by now, a Federal probe has concluded that Ned Lamont's campaign did not bring down Joe Lieberman's campaign Web site with a hack attack, as the Lieberman camp charged on Election Day 2006.

What really happened was that the Lieberman camp's server failed.

Cause we were all worried that Lieberman might not be crazy and all his decisions were a result of rational thought. Whew! Dodged that bullet.

"The sad thing is, Lieberman himself repeated the charge all day in an attempt to discredit his opponents and drive down Ned's primary vote," Tagaris instant messages to me. "It was broadcast on every cable news channel, and papers from The New York Times to the Hartford Courant wrote about it."

"And he got away with it -- who cares what's reported today," Tagaris continues. "He won the election based on a pattern of lies loudly repeated and dutifully stenographed."

"Now maybe someone will run an investigation into Joe Lieberman's repeated claim that no one wants to end the war more than he does," Tagaris concludes.

Sadly, this is the pattern of things. By the time the truth comes out that "hey, voting machines in Ohio were rigged" or "the Bush administration wanted a way to get into Iraq from day 1," nobody cares anymore. Especially the stenography pool we rely on for news. It's not sensational now, so why bother?

How many politicians and government officials have you seen write a book after it's way past the time where the information would have been useful and relevant? Those people are the most despicable. They stood by and did nothing while it was happening and now they're making money off of their lack of conscience.

By min | April 9, 2008, 1:12 PM | Liberal Outrage