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Outcry? Media says 'meh'.

From a reader at TPM:

My parents were Hungarian holocaust survivors. The question most asked them about that era was, "how could it happen? What could have been done?

My mother's reply was that tyranny takes little steps. People get upset, and then accept it. Then another little step. A few more little steps and you have death camps.

Yoo's defense of torture is one more little step moving us away from civilization and closer to madness. Where is the outcry?

Here's the Washington Post on Yoo, and here's TPM (seperate link from the one above, which just has reader reactions).

Yoo's memo isn't even a top story on Yahoo news. You know this won't be discussed over and over again on cable news like Obama's bowling ability has been. There will be no outcry in the media.

**Link above corrected**

By fnord12 | April 2, 2008, 11:39 AM | Liberal Outrage


I think you wanted this link:


Not the one to Obama picking up Lee Hamilton's endorsement.

The fact that our maybe future President can't bowl is an important fact. I guarantee that'll be on a Trivial Pursuit card in 10 years.