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Who Woulda Thunkit?

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are on Medicare!

Or people like them, in the eyes of McCain.

McCain also called for wealthier Medicare recipients to pay higher premiums to qualify for the prescription drug coverage that President George W. Bush and the Congress added to the program a few years ago, over his objections.

"People like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet don't need their prescriptions underwritten by taxpayers," he said. "Those who can afford to buy their own prescription drugs should be expected to do so. This reform alone will save billions of dollars that could be returned to taxpayers or put to better use."

That's right. It's the billionaires on Medicare who are getting away with paying low premiums that's the problem. Once we get them paying a higher price for their health insurance, it'll take a load off of the less ultra rich Medicare recipients out there who are struggling to pay for prescription medication.

I think this would be a definite "You're out of touch" moment if Obama would like to take advantage of it. Except he's not only out of touch with the people, he's out of touch with reality itself.

By min | April 15, 2008, 3:16 PM | Liberal Outrage