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8.1 Generally earth stopping takes place the night before or during the early morning over the area the hunt expects to cover that day. Its purpose is to prevent foxes lying underground on the days hunting where they cannot be found. The holes at the entrance to the earths will be blocked by soil, or by inserting paper bags filled with a suitable material, - the latter must be removed after hunting.

8.2 The other reason for stopping is to prevent a fox from entering an earth. One of the purposes of foxhunting is fox control. It cannot achieve this purpose if the fox population is either underground or the fox goes to ground soon after it is found.

8.3 Although most likely earths will be stopped, the fox can and often does seek refuge in an unknown earth or refuge.

8.4 The Badgers Act 1992 provides for the stopping of badger setts by recognised earth stoppers accredited by a Hunt's Master. Strict rules apply and non-compliance leads to hefty fines, imprisonment, or both. (See Appendix II)

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