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If Laura Bush Wants to Lecture Someone About Poor Disaster Management

She should start at home.

Lingering fears about formaldehyde fumes inside federally issued trailers and the impending hurricane season have Mayor Ray Nagin pushing to empty thousands of the structures, intended as temporary housing after Katrina.

So, first our government fails to properly prepare for the hurricane in a way that would have limited the amount of destruction it caused. Then they fumbled repeatedly as they failed to aid the victims of the hurricane and continue to drag their feet in rebuilding the area. Now it turns out the housing they eventually did provide is emitting deadly fumes.

This is like when the Europeans gave the Native Americans plague-ridden blankets. I wait in anticipation of the government's next effort to grind the hope out of these people's souls.

By min | May 8, 2008, 11:37 AM | Liberal Outrage


I agree with your criticisms of the Bush administration, but WTF is up with Myanmar's behavior in accepting aid?