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Not About To Pass Up a Golden Opportunity

Upwards of 22,500 people dead and 41,000 more missing due to a cyclone and the resulting tidal wave in Myanmar this weekend. And what do we do? We make our aid conditional on demands, and we're being uppity about it.

The United States, which has led a drive for economic sanctions against Myanmar's repressive regime, said it would also provide aid, but only if an American disaster team was invited into the country.

The policy was presented by Laura Bush, along with a lecture to the junta about human rights and disaster relief.

I think the government who didn't manage to protect its own city from a hurricane that everyone knew was coming should STFU.

Who turned the Stepford wife on and let her out of her box to speak, anyway? Or mebbe it's Omac's fault for doing such a shoddy job at destroying the Build-a-Friend operation

By min | May 6, 2008, 12:38 PM | Liberal Outrage