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What other explanation is there?

On the same general topic as the post below, i was outraged beyond my usual level of outrage upon reading this. The basic context is that Robert Gates, Bush's Secretary of Defense, has proposed having talks with Iran, the very thing that Bush compared to Nazi appeasement.

But the most striking disappearance of Gates' comments came on CNN. On yesterday's American Morning, host John Roberts interviewed Obama communications director Robert Gibbs. Gibbs twice brought up Gates' comments -- though when CNN aired clips of the interview later in the day, the cable network edited Gibbs' comments to include the sentence before he mentioned Gates, and the sentence after he mentioned Gates -- but to omit any reference to the defense secretary.

Between this and their silence on the Pentagon military analysts, which they were complicit in, it seems clear to me that the media can no longer simply claim incompetence. This is pure pro-government propaganda.

By fnord12 | May 19, 2008, 4:56 PM | Liberal Outrage