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Max Payne movie

We went to our first movie in the theater for a long time. Never played the video game but the commercial looked like it was a cool post-apocalyptic action movie with great special effects, and we liked Marky Mark in The Big Hit and Three Kings. But... no. All i can bring myself to say is it was terrible.

By fnord12 | October 27, 2008, 2:39 PM | Movies


Why didn't you ask me first? You could have saved yourselves $20, and all the Vegan... OK, so there aren't any Vegan movie snacks. But $20 and two hours of your time could have been yours to keep! Not to mention the gas and time wasted on the trip over there. You probably wasted less gas and time on the trip back as you ran screaming from theaters, clawing desperately at the air for sweet, sweet sanity.

Any movie whose reign at the top of the charts can be toppled by High School Musical 3 and Saw V should tell you that something is amiss. Think about it this way; you could have spent the weekend with me, watching terrible movies for free and drinking beer and eating Vegan food the whole time. But you spent your hard earned cash on Max Payne instead. Don't you feel angry?

In my opinion, you need some form of cathartic release.

I think you need to write me a guest review. Think of the $20 as an investment; a way to prevent others from giving their hard earned money to John Moore and Beau Thorne for 100 minutes of pain. Look, there's even a pun waiting right there for you: Pain and Payne!

Do it! Dooo it! Join uuusssss!

Your movie review of Max Payne has been posted. Enjoy the catharsis.