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My Planks Are Solid, Also Too. How 'Bout Yours, Eh?

Focus on the Family is an evangelical group founded by a guy named James Dobson. Here's what wikipedia says about them:

The group supports the teaching of "traditional family values". It advocates school sponsored prayer and supports corporal punishment.[13] It strongly opposes abortion, so-called militant feminism, homosexuality, pornography, and pre-marital and extramarital sexual activity. Focus on the Family also embraces and reflects the wider political agenda of its audience, for instance promoting a religiously-centered conception of American identity and the support of Israel.

So, obviously, this was one of the groups Sarah Palin was allowed to speak to. She did a phone interview with Dobson of which Chris Kelly from Huffington Post takes excerpts. In this particular one, Dobson brings up the "Republican Platform" and asks basically aren't these are the same principles you've been trying to promote. Palin's response makes it pretty obvious she has no idea what a "platform" is and tries miserably to bluff her way through the answer.

Now, finally, we have very solid planks in the platform that will allow us to build an even stronger foundation for our country. It's all good and it's encouraging. You would maybe have assumed that we would have gotten further away from those strong planks. But no, they're there, they're solid, we stand on them and again I believe that it is the right agenda for the country at this time. Very, very clear and contrasted tickets in this election November 4th. People are going to see the clear contrasts, you just go to the planks in our platforms and that's where you see them.

If i had been drinking while i read this, i would have spewed it after the first mention of "planks". Oh, and there's more. Go read the rest on HuffPo. Make sure you're beverage-free, though.

By min | October 24, 2008, 1:31 PM | Liberal Outrage