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Brokaw has been in this industry as long as i've been alive. He can't handle two seconds without his teleprompter? What do we need him for?

Overall thoughts on the debate: it sucked. The general consensus, even from partisan Republican sources like the Weekly Standard, is that Obama won the debate and it was his strongest night. I'm amazed by that (but happy to accept it). I thought it was a terrible debate. The supposed townhall format was a joke, with both candidates, as usual, continuing to give their standard stump speech responses to specific questions. For example, someone asked Obama essentially "How come congress was able to move so quickly on the bailout, but most things take so long, and as president how will you quickly push through your agenda items, such as global warming?" And Obama responded by giving his policies on global warming.

I did think Obama gave one really good answer on why the bailout was necessary. And it may have been because the answer was more of an explanation than a definition of his policies. It showed Obama's ability to distill complex questions into something that is understandable while still treating voters like intelligent adults. It's something that first made me like Obama (in his initial Reverend Wright speech) that i haven't seen much of since. I also thought he delivered a great counterpunch when McCain tried to say Obama's policy on crossing the Pakistan border was dangerous by listing all of McCain's belligerent "policies" (Bomb, bomb Iran, etc.). But for the most part, Obama seemed to be constantly reacting to McCain's charges instead of clearly answering questions.

McCain wasn't any better. He's generally pretty good about connecting with people in Townhall meetings, but this fake Townhall meeting stifled him. And he needed to win this more than Obama did. So it's another win-by-attrition for Obama. But Obama didn't impress me, and more than anything, we need to do something about these debate formats.

By fnord12 | October 8, 2008, 9:25 AM | Liberal Outrage


they have to sit down at a desk. they get 90 min to write essay answers to questions. then it gets graded by a high school english teacher. they get points off for not answering the question regardless of how well written their response is.

then after all that, the fact checking. but if you can't even address the actual question, it doesn't matter if what you said was "right" or "wrong".

I think the date, time, and location was what Brokaw actually needed to read.

I left out "of the next debate"

Did you leave it out because someone was blocking your teleprompter?


Debate? I thought they were gonna duke it out American Gladiator style with those foam quarter staves on pedistals. I'm erasing this from my DVR pronto!

Based on the pre-debate advertising, i can see how you might have gotten that impression.

They had advertisements?