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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

Age of Sentry #2 - I liked the two Nick Furies thing (admittedly in part because it made my "Carol Danvers didn't have powers yet!" objection to the first story go away; clearly whatever is going on here isn't supposed to be in continuity), but other than that it's too much cute and not enough weird. Sticking with my decision to drop it.

War Machine #34 - I thought this was fine. I liked the flashbacks in Rhodey's past a lot, and i didn't really bat an eye at Russia and the Soviet Super Soldiers Winter Guard's stupid behavior. They always act like that, so it seemed in character to me, even if it is groan-inducing. But i get why others wouldn't like it, and it definitely isn't top work from Gage.

Mighty Avengers #19 - This was a terrible waste of pages. There's literally about 2 pages of plot here and the rest was just... not even filler, it was just nothing. Terrible.

Guardians of the Galaxy #6 - This, on the other hand, is great stuff. Great characterization, some actual plot resolutions, good art. And yay, Cosmo isn't bad! The cover (which shows Major Victory fighting Starhawk) seems to be out of sync with the series, though, furthering my belief that the Secret Invasion crossover really was a last minute insertion. But hey, if it helps sales and keeps the book from being cancelled a little longer, i'm all for it, and the plot did tie in to the main story after all, albeit in a roundabout way.

Also this week there was an interview/tribute to Sal Buscema, which i appreciated. It's nice when we recognize people before they die every once in a while. Especially someone like Sal who was a real workhorse at Marvel in the 70s and doesn't have the reputation that he deserves. Not only did he work on an insane number of books, but he always kept a steady Marvel house style that ensured a consistency among their books, and it was pretty good art as well. When he had less books to concentrate on at once, his art was actually quite good. He's the definitive Hulk artist for me, for example.

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"...it's too much cute and not enough weird."

not enough weird? are you kidding? cranio used a magnifying glass to direct the moon's animal growing qualities onto a frog while he was standing on some other planet without a space suit or anything. a magnifying glass!

Funny, that falls under "cute" to me. I guess i mean "wacky Silver Age stuff" vs. "psychological problems" stuff.

To be fair on the russians, they seemed to mostly be "just following orders." Also, they might be skrulls.

Reference from SuperMegaMonkey

I guess Ursa Major (and maybe the other members of the Winter Guard) were arrested after disobeying orders and helping War Machine fight those Skrulls?    Read More: SuperMegaSpeed Reviews