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Daredevil #500 - Well, i really liked the new development of Daredevil taking over the Hand when i first read it. To the point where i thought i might want to keep on reading after the creative switch. Then i started wondering how different it is from when Daredevil declared himself the Kingpin. Or from when Elektra recently turned out to be the leader of the Hand (except that was a Skrull). But in any event, i enjoyed this. An interesting ending to Brubaker's run. The second story, by Ann Nocenti, i did not love. I thought it was stiff, awkward, and pointless. Then i read this guy's review of it. And i dunno, maybe i'm just an idiot. Either that, or that guy could review a dishwasher instruction manual and find hidden significance in it.

Fantastic Four #570 - Hrmmm. Some interesting things, and some decent writing but i'm not thrilled with this League of Alternate Reeds. I mean, i don't see how this could go anywhere good. And god how i hate Valeria. Not loving the art, either. The faces don't look right, the sleeveless costumes look terrible. Eh, i just wasn't thrilled with this, and i'm not sure i want to muddle through with another mediocre run of FF. I have to say, it seems that no one has really had a good handle on the FF since Walt Simonson. And that's really a shame. Actually, i take that back. Bring back Dwayne McDuffie.

Secret Warriors #7 - Huh. I just read Elektra: Assassin as part of my Marvel Timeline project, and i was wondering whatever happened to John Garrett. And here he is. Also some cool stuff going on with the Thunderbolts, and i'm looking forward to the Ares/Phobos crossover with Dark Avengers. Good stuff, good stuff. Hickman obviously can write, so why didn't i like his FF issue?

X-Force #18 - I have to admit that this book flows better when there's drawn art, like in this issue, versus the computer generated stuff. But i'm still feeling like the pacing is off and we never stop long enough to really focus on the plots.... Like this Asgardian sub-plot. I hope that goes somewhere and involves the whole team. And i guess this exploding mutant stuff is over? That's all wrapped up now? What was it about, exactly? Oddly, i still enjoy the book.

Hood #4 - This is great. Looking forward to next issue to see where the hell it could possibly fit into the Hood's Avengers appearances, though. It pretty much has to end with the cloak completely possessing Parker, so it can fit into New Avengers right before he attacks Dr. Strange. But that'd be an odd resolution to this mini.

New Avengers #56 - Love the art. Especially from a story-telling point of view. Immonen is very good. And the story's great too. Someone might point out that what we've got here is a struggle between the Dark Avengers and the remnants of the Hood's gang in what's nominally an issue of New Avengers, but that's fine. A little bit of Mockingbird kicking some ass in the beginning helps.

Hercules #133 - This 'All Cho" issue is somewhat less interesting than last issue's 'All Hercules' focus, but it's probably because about 75% of this issue is a cleverly disguised recap. Still good, still good.

Nova #28 - As i hoped, they're clearing out all the generic Novas but keeping the interesting bunch introduced earlier. It's all very well done. I do miss the original Worldmind, though.

Guardians of the Galaxy #17 - I AM GROOT! I AM GROOT! I AM GROOT! (This is a very insightful and witty review. You just have to listen to the subtle sigh of breeze beneath the words to appreciate it.)

By fnord12 | September 4, 2009, 11:08 PM | Comics

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My understanding is that there are people in the world who like Ann Nocenti. And maybe i just don't get it. It's not the first time i felt this way reading her stuff.    Read More: Beauty and the Beast #1-4