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This solution isn't working contributing...

I get propaganda from my company:

Below are some strategies to minimize the stress you feel before, during, and after your work day and to tap into the great creativity resource we call passion.

1. REPLACE THE IDEA OF WORK WITH CONTRIBUTION -- Instead of getting up in the morning at 8:45 a.m. and lamenting to anyone who will listen, "Why do I have to go to work?," simply replace it with "Why do I have to go contribute?" You will be better able to focus on the day ahead and see that it really does have a larger purpose. Ask yourself: What can I do to contribute to the team/company today and reach the NEXT level of profitability and impact?

By fnord12 | September 22, 2009, 5:18 PM | My stupid life


I like the line: "...the great creativity resource we call passion."

They coined the word passion? They should be getting all kinds of residuals from that.

So when the next level of profitability comes from downsizing to reduce labor costs, are you supposed to view it as contributing toward the team/company? Will that help you feel better if you're one of the unlucky ones who gets downsized? Will it console you while you're on line at the unemployment office and trying to figure out how to not starve to death or how to avoid moving into a refrigerator box?

The problem with corporate propaganda is that it makes people hate their companies more. If they really wanted to "reach the NEXT level" (and why is next in caps?) they'd do things like give raises to people who work harder.

But raises cost money. Propaganda is cheap. But, hey; I guess the guy who writes propaganda needs to make a living too.