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October 30, 2009

Let that be a lesson to you

Blair's bid to becoming the president of the EU apparently isn't going well.

The leftist view is perhaps best articulated by Luxembourg's Foreign Minister, Jean Asselborn, who noted that "Now in the United States, Obama is the president, it is no more Mr Bush. We have a new treaty, we have to reset Europe and we need to start with some new ideas. There is and will remain a link for the next generation between Iraq, Bush and Tony Blair. As a Fabian Socialist, I have never been more disappointed in a leader than in Tony Blair. I would describe his tenure in government as simply catastrophic."

And from the centre-right:

[German Chancellor] Merkel is said to like Blair personally, but privately she has been candid about her reservations - Blair's record on the Iraq war and the fact that Britain is outside the single currency eurozone and the passport-free Schengen system. Britain's detachment from mainstream Europe also widens under the Lisbon treaty because of the opt-outs it negotiated.

Next time, don't support a stupid war.

By fnord12 | October 30, 2009, 2:56 PM | Liberal Outrage| Link

Reaching resolution on the Honduras crisis?


By fnord12 | October 30, 2009, 12:33 PM | Liberal Outrage| Link

Tough questions for Clinton in Pakistan


During an interview broadcast live in Pakistan with several prominent female TV anchors, before a predominantly female audience of several hundred, one member of the audience said the Predator attacks amount to "executions without trial" for those killed.

Another asked Clinton how she would define terrorism.

"Is it the killing of people in drone attacks?" she asked. That woman then asked if Clinton considers drone attacks and bombings like the one that killed more than 100 civilians in the city of Peshawar earlier this week to both be acts of terrorism.

"No, I do not," Clinton replied.

Earlier, in a give-and-take with about a dozen residents of the tribal region, one man alluded obliquely to the drone attacks, saying he had heard that in the United States, aircraft are not allowed to take off after 11 p.m., to avoid irritating the population.

"That is the sort of peace we want for our people," he said through an interpreter.

The same man told Clinton that the Obama administration should rely more on wisdom and less on firepower to achieve its aims in Pakistan.

"Your presence in the region is not good for peace," he said, referring to the U.S. military, "because it gives rise to frustration and irritation among the people of this region." At another point he told Clinton, "Please forgive me, but I would like to say we've been fighting your war."

A similar point was made by Sana Bucha of Geo TV during the live broadcast interview.

"It is not our war," she told Clinton. "It is your war." She drew a burst of applause when she added, "You had one 9/11. We are having daily 9/11s in Pakistan."

I don't think there's any doubt that we're doing more harm than good in this region.

By fnord12 | October 30, 2009, 11:20 AM | Liberal Outrage| Link

Demon Candy

Huffpo brought this blog post on the Christian Broadcasting Network to my attention:

"During this period demons are assigned against those who participate in the rituals and festivities. These demons are automatically drawn to the fetishes that open doors for them to come into the lives of human beings. For example, most of the candy sold during this season has been dedicated and prayed over by witches."

I wonder how long you have to wait after Halloween to be sure you aren't accidentally buying any of the witch-blessed candy that the stores have leftover.

By min | October 30, 2009, 10:09 AM | Ummm... Other? | Comments (1) | Link


You may have heard the news. Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) is threatening to help Republicans block a vote on health care reform if the bill includes a public health insurance option.

But when reporters asked Lieberman if he'd be willing to lose his powerful committee chairmanship as a consequence, he said:

"Oh, God no."

What's our answer? Hell yeah!

Please join 90,000 others in petitioning Democratic senators to strip leadership titles from Lieberman (or others) if they block reform. Click here.

We'll deliver this petition to Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN), among others. When Democrats let Lieberman keep his chairmanship after he endorsed John McCain for president, Bayh said:

"If he does retain his chairmanship, we still exert oversight over him... He doesn't have the ability to just do whatever he wants. The caucus still has the right to remove him from that position at any time..."

Now's the time for Democratic senators like Bayh to let Lieberman know they'll make good on that promise. Lieberman needs to be held accountable.

While we all know that online surveys are not an effective way of remedying important issues, netroots activism has been very successful so far in moving the Senate to the point where a (limited) public option has been included in their version of the bill, so it's worth the clicks, in my opinion.

By fnord12 | October 30, 2009, 9:24 AM | Liberal Outrage | Comments (1) | Link

October 29, 2009

Random Lyrics Thursday

Wynona's Big Brown Beaver by Primus

Wynona's got herself a big brown beaver
And she shows it off to all her friends
One day, you know, that beaver tried to leave her
So she caged him up with cyclone fence

Along came Lou with the old baboon
And said "Recognize that smell?"
"Smells like seven layers
That beaver eats Taco Bell."

Now Rex he was a Texan out of New Orleans
And he traveled with the carnival shows
He ran bumper cars, sucked cheap cigars
And he candied up his nose

He got wind of the big brown beaver
So he though he'd take himself a peek
But the beaver was quick and grabbed him by the kiwis
Now he ain't pissed for a week (and a half!)

Now Wynona took her big brown beaver
And she stuck him up in the air
Said "I sure do love this big brown beaver
And I wish I did have a pair."

Now the beaver once slept for seven days
And it gave us all an awful fright
So I tickled his chin and I gave him a pinch
And the bastard tried to bite me.

Wynona loved her big brown beaver
And she stroked him all the time
She pricked her finger one day and it
Occurred to her she might have a porcupine

By fnord12 | October 29, 2009, 8:42 AM | Music| Link

October 28, 2009

SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

Apparently i have a deluge of comics coming next week, so i'd better catch up on my current books...

Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth #4 - Looking forward to Deadpool Team-Up for my "funny comic" fix, cause this ain't it. Not even a zombie T. Rex does the trick.

Dark Reign: The List - Hulk #1 - Well, i was getting the List books in part to sample some of the comics that i'm not currently reading, and this confirms that i don't need to be reading Pak's Hulk. I don't like this premise, with Banner walking around with his super-tech forcefields and whatever and hanging out with his son who wants to kill him but not until he turns back into the Hulk. Kinda dumb. And this issue was relatively pointless. Banner even says so at the end.

Spider-Woman #2 - It's a bit slow, isn't it? I thought we were backing away from super-decompression. Not terrible though, if you can tolerate Maleev, who i guess is a little better here than in books he's done in the past. I did like the extended explanation about Spider-Woman's pheromone powers; that was pretty cool.

Marvels Project #3 - It's good. Waiting to see where we're going with this. Slower and less eventful than i expected, but for issue #3 out of 8, i can kind of reserve judgment.

Dark Avengers #10 - This is very nice. So Bendis obviously can at least set up an entire story in one issue if he wants to. And, you know, you throw in the Molecule Man and you've got my goodwill. I enjoy the bits with Venom and his meds, too.

Hercules #136 - Super awesome. Probably too much nipple pinching and wedgies for this to wind up in a Greatest Hercules/Thor Battles of All Times trade compilation, but... Even the recap page is hilarious. Great stuff.

And some trades...

Ghost Rider: The Last Stand - I'd heard good things about Jason Aaron's Ghost Rider run so i thought i'd try a trade. But often a writer needs time to find his footing, so i figured i'd start with the second trade instead of the first. And if i liked it, i could go back and get the first one. Clever, right? But i think i outsmarted myself, because i don't think this was a great arc to begin with. It starts out pretty good, with Blackout and the other silly villains (i like the eyeball guy). But once it gets into the revised Ghost Rider mythology, it got really boring. And you don't want to be boring at the same time you're screwing around with continuity. Iron Fist pulled off its revisions to the Iron Fist mythos by being very well written. This was a drag, and it seems stupid. The Ghost Rider really works for God? And there's like a Ghost Rider in every region of the world? Nah, no thanks. Plus, i didn't think the dialogue was that great, and the art was terrible. Well, the art was fine for the actual Ghost Rider stuff, but it doesn't work when your regular people are as warped and weird looking as your flaming demon angel skulls.

Betra Ray Bill: Godhunter - I guess i'll say that i liked this very much except for the way it ended. It seemed to me that Beta Ray Bill gave up too easily. OK, so apparently Galactus explodes when he dies (although we've seen enough alternate universe Galactus Dies! stories to know that's not really true... the Surfer is a good liar), so he can't let him die right now. But why not keep pursuing him until you get him in a more sparse region of space? It seems to me that Bill was bought off when Galactus re-formed the lady Korbinite. And i'm sure that wasn't the writer's intent. This is probably a little too fanboyish for these harsh modern times, but if you wanted to give a reason why Bill couldn't kill Galactus, i would have liked to see it tie in with Byrne's Trial of Reed Richards. I did like seeing it tie in with Annihilation, though. Another problem with this series is that it was only 3 issues and it seemed like a lot of the action was happening off panel. Presumably Beta Ray Bill destroyed a lot of planets to get Galactus so weak. But Galactus much prefers planets that contain life. So there must have been a lot of conflict between Bill and the occupants of those planets. And we didn't get to see any of that. So overall this wasn't quite as good as a "Beta Ray Bill hunts Galactus" story ought to be. But it wasn't bad at all. I would try something else by this creative team.

By fnord12 | October 28, 2009, 10:51 PM | Comics | Comments (2) | Link


Schwarzenegger's response seems unbelievable, but if this story is true, both sides are being pretty immature.

By fnord12 | October 28, 2009, 3:22 PM | Liberal Outrage| Link

I knew there was another one

Following up on my old Marvel's Black Men in Chicken suits post, we have... Bantam:

By fnord12 | October 28, 2009, 1:35 PM | Comics| Link

What could have been part II

Rob Liefeld's Bible adaptation.

Honestly? It looks awesome.

By fnord12 | October 28, 2009, 1:27 PM | Comics| Link

What could have been

Fabio's Thor cartoon.

By fnord12 | October 28, 2009, 11:35 AM | Comics| Link

October 27, 2009

I don't know, and i don't care

By fnord12 | October 27, 2009, 2:37 PM | Ummm... Other?| Link

Foreign Service Officer resigns in protest of Afghanistan War

Foreign Service Officer Matthew Hoh:

"I have lost understanding of and confidence in the strategic purposes of the United States' presence in Afghanistan," he wrote Sept. 10 in a four-page letter to the department's head of personnel. "I have doubts and reservations about our current strategy and planned future strategy, but my resignation is based not upon how we are pursuing this war, but why and to what end."
"I'm not some peacenik, pot-smoking hippie who wants everyone to be in love," Hoh said. Although he said his time in Zabul was the "second-best job I've ever had," his dominant experience is from the Marines, where many of his closest friends still serve.

"There are plenty of dudes who need to be killed," he said of al-Qaeda and the Taliban. "I was never more happy than when our Iraq team whacked a bunch of guys."

But many Afghans, he wrote in his resignation letter, are fighting the United States largely because its troops are there -- a growing military presence in villages and valleys where outsiders, including other Afghans, are not welcome and where the corrupt, U.S.-backed national government is rejected. While the Taliban is a malign presence, and Pakistan-based al-Qaeda needs to be confronted, he said, the United States is asking its troops to die in Afghanistan for what is essentially a far-off civil war.

By fnord12 | October 27, 2009, 10:29 AM | Liberal Outrage| Link

October 26, 2009

Now that's a job opportunity

Eternal Earth-Bound Pets:

You've committed your life to Jesus. You know you're saved. But when the Rapture comes what's to become of your loving pets who are left behind? Eternal Earth-Bound Pets takes that burden off your mind.

We are a group of dedicated animal lovers, and atheists. Each
Eternal Earth-Bound Pet representative is a confirmed atheist, and as such will still be here on Earth after you've received your reward. Our network of animal activists are committed to step in when you step up to Jesus.

We are currently active in 22 states. Our representatives have been screened to ensure that they are atheists, animal lovers, are moral / ethical with no criminal background, have the ability and desire to rescue your pet and the means to retrieve them and ensure their care for your pet's natural life.

We currently cover the following states:
Maine,New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, North Carolina (new) and Georgia (new).

Our service is plain and simple; our fee structure is reasonable.
For $110.00 we will guarantee that should the Rapture occur within ten (10) years of receipt of payment, one pet per residence will be saved. Each additional pet at your residence will be saved for an additional $15.00 fee. A small price to pay for your peace of mind and the health and safety of your four legged and feathered friends.

I'd be happy to provide services for NJ!

By fnord12 | October 26, 2009, 2:03 PM | Ummm... Other? | Comments (5) | Link

October 22, 2009

And i'm entitled to your lunch money, because my buddy Tony kicked your ass


Oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens told Congress on Wednesday that U.S. energy companies are "entitled" to some of Iraq's crude because of the large number of American troops that lost their lives fighting in the country and the U.S. taxpayer money spent in Iraq.

At least in my example, Tony is my friend. Even if we were accepting the nutty argument that Iraq is somehow indebted to the US for invading it, why should the actions of US soldiers automatically benefit oil companies?

By fnord12 | October 22, 2009, 10:48 AM | Liberal Outrage| Link

Random Lyrics Thursday

The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man by the Rolling Stones

Well I'm waiting at the bus stop in downtown L.A.
Well I'm waiting at the bus stop in downtown L.A.
But I'd much rather be on a boardwalk on Broadway

Well I'm sitting here thinkin' just how sharp I am
Well I'm sitting here thinkin' just how sharp I am
I'm an under assistant west coast promo man

Well I promo groups when they come into town
Well I promo groups when they come into town
Well they laugh at my toupee, they're sure to put me down

Well I'm sitting here thinking just how sharp I am
Yeah I'm sitting here thinking just how sharp I am
I'm a necessary talent behind every rock and roll band

Yeah, I'm sharp
I'm really, really sharp
I sure do earn my pay
Sitting on the beach every day, yeah
I'm real real sharp, yes I am
I got a corvette and a seersucker suit
Yes I have

Here comes the bus, uh oh
I though I had a dime
Where's my dime
I know I have a dime somewhere
Im pretty sure...

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October 21, 2009

Taking the "Party of No" seriously.

By fnord12 | October 21, 2009, 7:18 PM | Liberal Outrage| Link

The advantages of clicking-through

Belatedly reacting to Wanyas' recommendation to actually click on one of the articles Chris Sims wrote for comic alliance, and yes, it is pretty funny.

By fnord12 | October 21, 2009, 3:58 PM | Comics| Link

I guess 10 months late is better than never


Say hello to "Medicare Part E" -- as in, "Medicare for Everyone."

House Democrats are looking at re-branding the public health insurance option as Medicare, an established government healthcare program that is better known than the public option.

The strategy could benefit Democrats struggling to bridge the gap between liberals in their party, who want the public option, and centrists, who are worried it would drive private insurers out of business.

While much of the public is foggy on what a public option actually is, people understand Medicare. It also would place the new public option within the rubric of a familiar system rather than something new and unknown.

Rep. Mike Ross (D-Ark.) spoke out last week in favor of re-branding the public option as Medicare, startling many because he has loudly proclaimed his opposition to a public option.
Some Democrats say there's no need to rename a legislative concept that's gained steadily in support since being lambasted as a "government takeover" in August. A Washington Post-ABC poll published Tuesday showed 57 percent of the public supports the idea -- up five points since August -- while 40 percent opposes it.

"It keeps polling better and better as a public health insurance option," said a senior Democratic aide. "I don't think it's changing." Polling experts, however, have documented that many people don't know what a public option is, and that small changes in language can cause poll results to vary widely. An August poll by Penn, Schoen and Berland Associates showed that only 37 percent of those polled correctly identified the public option from a list of three choices.

In a closed-door caucus meeting last week, Ross, one of the most conservative Democrats in the House, offered support for expanding Medicare, saying it would prevent the need to create a new bureaucracy. He said he wasn't advocating a plan, however, and added that the new coverage would have to have much higher reimbursements for physicians and hospitals. He also said it would need to compete with private insurers.

In an odd reversal, that idea was shot down as too liberal by House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), himself a liberal champion. Waxman said expanding Medicare would essentially move toward a fully government-run single-payer system, while the public option was designed to spur competition.

Ross' change in position indicates to me that earlier he just didn't know what the hell he was talking about, but he's welcome to join us. Overall the House has been doing an excellent job of pushing for a Public Option (it's the nitwits in the Senate we have to worry about), but the branding "Medicare for Everyone" is long overdue.

By fnord12 | October 21, 2009, 2:29 PM | Liberal Outrage| Link

October 16, 2009

Milking it

Expect to see a lot of this, from Lieberman, Snowe, Conrad, etc.:

Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT), whose vote would most likely be necessary to break a Republican filibuster on health care reform, said Thursday that he's "inclined to let the motion to proceed."

But, he added, "I haven't decided yet."

Who doesn't love a little attention?

By fnord12 | October 16, 2009, 4:40 PM | Liberal Outrage| Link

Min and I fall into the 100th percentile

A Louisia Justice of the Peace is making the news for refusing to marry interracial couples.

"I'm not a racist," Bardwell said. "I do ceremonies for black couples right here in my house. My main concern is for the children."
Bardwell said from his experience, "99 percent of the time" the interracial couple consists of a black man and white woman.

"I find that rather confusing," he said.

He said he has discussed the topic with blacks and whites, along with witnessing some interracial marriages. Bardwell said he came to the conclusion that most black society does not readily accept offspring of such relationships, and neither does white society.

"Yet, the children are innocent. They had nothing to do with that," he said.

In many cases, he said, the grandparents or a relative ends up with the children.

"I don't do interracial marriages because I don't want to put children in a situation they didn't bring on themselves," Bardwell said. "In my heart, I feel the children will later suffer."

Like Digby said, "Right. Their poor kids could grow up to be president someday."

Sure, it's just a nutty old guy. I mean, the ACLU is doing the right thing trying to get him removed. But you could say it's not an official policy and it's just some loon acting on his own. Except for this:

He said the state attorney general told him years ago that he would eventually get into trouble for not performing interracial marriages.

Ummm, why didn't the attorney general actually do anything about it?

By fnord12 | October 16, 2009, 3:54 PM | Liberal Outrage| Link

2011: Obama's Coup Fails

The video game:

Location: Virginia, U.S.A. You are a militia commander and in control of 1 county.

Mission: To defeat all enemies of the United States, both foreign and domestic. Includes:

* C.O.R.N.Y. (Congress of Rejected and Neglected Youth) Shock Troops
* Obama's police force (Ameritroops)
* The Cong (Former congressional leaders)
* Nation of Malsi (Islamic fundamentalist troops)
* Black Tigers (black nationalist troops loyal to Obama)
* NHKS (National Honor Killing Society) Yet another Islamic army
* I.S.U.E. ( International Service Union Empire) Troops
* U.N. (United Nations) Peacekeepers

To Win: If you control 10 counties by end of turn 40, you get 1 'win' in challenge section.

Game Time: 1 turn per minute with each turn representing days of battle. It takes 2 turns to take over a district, county, or city with the Blitzkrieg attack. All troops in a Blitzkrieg cannot be used until Blitzkrieg is settled.

Misc. Details: Be sure to train your troops at start-up by clicking 'resources' then paying for the type of militia troops you want. You will need to do this every turn ( every minute). You start with 3000 points and get 300 more militia recruits eager for battle per turn per county controlled. You will also get more militia troops joining after each battle you are in, as the people are eager to defeat all tyrants. You will also get 300 points per turn per county controlled.

Note: Your mission is to control as many counties in Virginia as possible. Enemy forces are in most counties so do not hesitate to attack any player not under your control as anarchy reigns in Virginia until Obama and his loyalists are defeated and game ends after 40 minutes (40 turns)

There's plenty more insanity if you follow this link. I really do recommend it. Er, i mean i recommend clicking the link. Not playing the game. The game sounds like an awful convoluted mess.

By fnord12 | October 16, 2009, 3:42 PM | Liberal Outrage & Video Games| Link

October 15, 2009

Random Lyrics Thursday

Making Love to a Vampire by Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band

Making love to a vampire with a monkey on my knee
The pond shined dry like a ladies compact
Lilies leaped like flat green hearts with white hearts
Squirting yellow pollen...cocks...
Ferns ran like cool spades.. fossils. ..away from rocks
Bees echoed dark carbon hums that dashed in nothing
Gnats fucked my ears 'n nostrils
Hit my brain like hones 'n numbed t' nothing
Wings stuck on liquid bones
Making love to a vampire with a monkey on my knee
The moon poured hollow down my milky leg
Splashed still 'n moved
The wind peed down the willows 'n pricked the needle vine
The monkey moved a fur shadow... its soot tail curled in twos
Its lips smiled needles.. its eyes rolled loose
Her throat broke open... glistened in the dew
Red berries dangled like a dream of rubies too
Snot muscles ran down her ivory chin 'n tooth within
A locket... a pin held fast to then, my love, my pocket deep within
'N senses dangled the chain that clasped me to her then
The messenger spoke the wind that blows between our time
I sensed you then 'n whispers spin 'n flow in silver dust
Around the pointed pin
Sent to nothing
God, please fuck my mind for good
Making love to a vampire with a monkey on my knee
Oh fuck that thing.. .fuck that poem...eyes crawl out with maggots
White cloth bones pile up light thrown blades
Rags 'n skull.. scoops soil cracks.. .drain screams.. please
Take my hand 'n join me... too soon its clutches gleams
Making love to a vampire with a monkey on my knee
Death be damned... life

By fnord12 | October 15, 2009, 11:02 AM | Music| Link

October 14, 2009

SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

Doctor Voodoo #1 - The hell happened to Dr. Strange? Wait, I get it: he's been around since the 60s and now that he's not Sorcerer Supreme anymore, he's suddenly looking his actual age? I'll tell you one thing about this comic: Dr. Doom kicked ass. That is for sure. Makes Dormammu look like a wuss. Beyond that... pretty good, i guess. I'm a little concerned about the fact that we all know that Dr. Strange will become sorcerer supreme again at some point in the future. So all this effort to build up Brother Voodoo into a credible character is destined to fail. But i have higher hopes for this series than i did originally.

Models #2 - Cute. Not great.

Dark Reign - The List: Secret Warrior #1 - Awesome.

X-Men vs. Agents of Atlas #1 - Remember when Christos Gage wrote World War Hulk: X-Men and he made you like all these new X-Characters you had never heard of in the span of about 3 pages? Same thing happened here. Plus: robots and talking gorillas.

X-Babies #1 - I made the mistake of reading this and realized that it's actually technically in continuity because of Mojo and Spiral, which i guess means it ought to go in my collection. But shouldn't they try to make it funny?

By fnord12 | October 14, 2009, 10:18 PM | Comics| Link

That's... no, that's not right.

By fnord12 | October 14, 2009, 9:05 PM | Ummm... Other?| Link



For Mr. Biden, a longtime senator who prided himself on his experience in foreign relations, the role represents an evolution in his own thinking, a shift from his days as a liberal hawk advocating for American involvement in Afghanistan. Month by month, year by year, the story of Mr. Biden's disenchantment with the Afghan government, and by extension with the engagement there, mirrors America's slow but steady turn against the war, with just 37 percent supporting more troops in last week's CBS News poll.

Arianna Huffington:

It's been known for a while that Biden has been on the other side of McChrystal's desire for a big escalation of our forces there -- the New York Times reported last month that he has "deep reservations" about it. So if the president does decide to escalate, Biden, for the good of the country, should escalate his willingness to act on those reservations.

What he must not do is follow the same weak and worn-out pattern of "opposition" we've become all-too-accustomed to, first with Vietnam and then with Iraq. You know the drill: after the dust settles, and the country begins to look back and not-so-charitably wonder, "what were they thinking?" the mea-culpa-laden books start to come out. On page after regret-filled page, we suddenly hear how forceful this or that official was behind closed doors, arguing against the war, taking a principled stand, expressing "strong concern" and, yes, "deep reservations" to the president, and then going home each night distraught at the unnecessary loss of life.

Well, how about making the mea culpa unnecessary? Instead of saving it for the book, how about future author Biden unfetter his conscience in real time -- when it can actually do some good? If Biden truly believes that what we're doing in Afghanistan is not in the best interests of our national security -- and what issue is more important than that? -- it's simply not enough to claim retroactive righteousness in his memoirs.

Though it would be a crowning moment in a distinguished career, such an act of courage would likely be only the beginning. Biden would then become the natural leader of the movement to wind down this disastrous war and focus on the real dangers in Pakistan.

Doubt he'll resign, but i think Biden's evolution has been interesting and encouraging. I was originally disappointed when he was announced as the VP candidate because he had been a hawk.

By fnord12 | October 14, 2009, 4:42 PM | Liberal Outrage| Link

That sounds incredibly annoying

Hybrid Cars May Include Fake Vroom for Safety:

For decades, automakers have been on a quest to make cars quieter: an auto that purrs, and glides almost silently in traffic.

They have finally succeeded. Plug-in hybrid and electric cars, it turns out, not only reduce air pollution, they cut noise pollution as well with their whisper-quiet motors. But that has created a different problem. They aren't noisy enough.

So safety experts, worried that hybrids pose a threat if pedestrians, children and others can't hear them approaching, want automakers to supply some digitally enhanced vroom. Indeed, just as cellphones have ring tones, "car tones" may not be far behind - an option for owners of electric vehicles to choose the sound their cars emit.

Working with Hollywood special-effects wizards, some hybrid auto companies have started tinkering in sound studios, rather than machine shops, to customize engine noises. The Fisker Karma, an $87,900 plug-in hybrid expected to go on sale next year, will emit a sound - pumped out of speakers in the bumpers - that the company founder, Henrik Fisker, describes as "a cross between a starship and a Formula One car."

By fnord12 | October 14, 2009, 2:52 PM | Ummm... Other?| Link

And So It Begins

i had to scrape frost off my windshield this morning.

By min | October 14, 2009, 10:09 AM | My stupid life | Comments (1) | Link

October 13, 2009

We are here from the future to prevent you from creating black holes


Forget the far-fetched belief that it will create a black hole, two distinguished physicists have gone even further claiming nature itself is stopping the troubled 4.4billion [pound] project from getting off the ground.

In a theory reminiscent of the time travelling film Back to the Future, the theoretical physicists Holger Nielsen, from Denmark, and Masao Ninomiya, from Japan, have concluded that its discoveries could be so "abhorrent to nature" that they are coming back to stop their own creation.

The pair's hypothesis centres around the Higgs Boson, a mysterious tiny particle and building block of life that it is hoped the LHC will discover.

They have come up with a theory that it will "ripple backward through time" and stop the collider before it could make one, like a time traveler who goes back in time to kill his grandfather.

"It must be our prediction that all Higgs producing machines shall have bad luck," Dr. Nielsen said.

He said that his theories may even provide a "model for God" who "rather hates Higgs particles, and attempts to avoid them".

By fnord12 | October 13, 2009, 4:55 PM | Science| Link

October 12, 2009

No Chomsky at Guantanamo


The donation of an anthology of post-9/11 commentary by Professor Noam Chomsky has been rejected from the library at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp, reports The Miami Herald...

...the slip accompanying the book's return listed among the categories of books banned from the Guantanamo Bay prison library anything promoting "Anti-American, Anti-Semitic, Anti-Western" ideology, literature on "military topics," and works that portray "excessive graphic violence" and "sexual dysfunctions.

Chomsky isn't shocked:

"This happens sometimes in totalitarian regimes," Chomsky told Miami Herald reporter Carol Rosenberg in an email after he learned his book had been banned.

By fnord12 | October 12, 2009, 4:17 PM | Liberal Outrage| Link

October 10, 2009

Close, but no cigar

From this week's Dark Reign - The List: Secret Warrior #1:

Steranko's original, from Strange Tales #166 (Mar 68):

By fnord12 | October 10, 2009, 12:50 PM | Comics| Link

October 9, 2009

Polar Bear love

See Naked Capitalism's antidote du jour. (scroll down. no economics/politics. promise.)

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Time to cash in?

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No wonder the media always gives equal weight to both sides of every issue

Everything's 50/50!

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Nobel Peace Prize is just laying the groundwork for what's coming

TPM commentator:

I mean, what the hell are they going to do when Obama actually does something really noteworthy?

Give him the Nobel Peace Prize with Sprinkles on Top? Nominate him Space Pope?

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October 8, 2009


I didn't think there'd be a Public Option compromise that I'd like, but Senator Carper from Delaware found one: a national Public Option that individual state legislatures can vote to opt out of. We know that most states won't opt out, and the ones that do for the most part will be those states that are relatively sparsely populated anyway (exception: Texas), so it won't affect the Option's bargaining power. And it gives conservative Dems cover to vote for it. So all of the sane people get their public option, and the crazies can shoot themselves in the foot if they want to.

The downside is expressed in this question to Ezra Klein:

Just out of pure curiosity, have you ever lived in a "red state" before?

I asked because you posted about your support for the new idea that each state can opt-out of letting its residents get a government-run insurance.

As somebody who could well still be a slave if "state's rights" were giv[en] too much weight, I hesitate. But you do get that a lot of uninsured people live in red states? They're low-income, they're rural, they're non-White, they're everything national Liberals claim to be wanting to help. Yet I was a bit shocked at how much you seemed to like this idea. I didn't like when Sarah Palin divided up the U.S.A. into good and bad parts, and I don't like it when anybody else does either.

The response to that is basically that this is the start of an incremental approach and once the Public Option is proven successful in the states that don't opt-out, there will be a lot of pressure on the hold-out state legislatures to opt back in. If we're facing a choice between no Public Option or one that states can opt out of, I think the choice is clear. But i do understand the feeling of getting left behind and abandoning those who need help the most. And does this establish a weird precedent that leads to states soon being able to opt out of other Federal laws? Should we continue to fight for a Public Option that's guaranteed at the Federal level to be available to all, or should we accept this compromise?

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Random Lyrics Thursday

Plastic Bag by X-Ray Spex

1977 and we are going mad
It's 1977 and we've seen too many ads
1977 and we're gonna show them all
That apathy's a drag

My mind is like a plastic bag
That corresponds to all those ads
It sucks up all the rubbish
That is fed in through by ear
I eat Kleenex for breakfast
And use soft hygienic Weetabix
To dry my tears

My mind is like a switchboard
With crossed and tangled lines
Contented with confusion
That is plugged into my head
I don't know what's going on
It's the operator's job, not mine
I said

My dreams I daren't remember
Or tell you what I've seen
I've dreamt that I was Hitler
The ruler of the sea
The ruler of the universe
The ruler of the supermarket
And even fatalistic me

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October 6, 2009

Min doesn't even need the first two steps

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October 4, 2009

SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

Maybe it was my mood, but i didn't enjoy my comics this week.

Dark X-Men: The Confession #1 - Based on a review from Paul O'Brien i thought i might want this. It's by the X-Force writers and O'Brien indicated that it laid the groundwork for the upcoming Necrosha cross-over. He also said it has Scott and Emma having an intelligent, adult conversation. And i guess it does. But mainly it reads like an issue of Marvel Saga to me; hardly an actual comic at all, just a lot of recapping. And that cover is just awful.

X-Force #19 - I guess i actually liked this. I enjoyed the X-23 scenes but i'm disoriented by the fact that we're dealing with 3 women that, based on the art, look exactly the same and so i had trouble following a few of the conversations. And i was a little thrown by how bloody the Wolves vs. Giants subplot scene was, but i guess it's to be expected. Overall, it's just fine. I guess i just had that same problem i have with a lot of X-Force issues, where i feel like they're not doing any actual plot development. Are they just treading water until the next crossover? And the scene on the cover didn't happen - i'm not sure that Angel was even in this issue.

Secret Warriors #8 - Well, there goes everything that just was introduced in Dark Avengers #9. That was quick. Also didn't love the fact that there was apparently a crossover with Thunderbolts... last issue of Secret Warriors just said something like, "For more Thunderbolts, read the next issue of the Thunderbolts!" not that i had to read the issue in order to keep up with the plot in this book.

The Hood #5 - Interestingly, this series had a lot of good moments, but didn't really reach any kind of satisfying conclusion. It just maintained the status quo for the Hood, basically. Still, it was a good series. And we'll have to assume that a few minutes after the end of this issue, the Hood gets full-on possessed by Dormammu so that he can attack Dr. Strange.

Divas #3 - Well this was actually very good; especially dealing with Firestar's cancer. But i was a little surprised to see so much actual super type stuff, by which i mean the Black Cat/Puma fight and Hellcat getting tricked into getting trapped in Hell by the Son of Satan. I'm not complaining but i just want them to know that they've got a very good downtime book going here and they shouldn't feel the need to cave and put in a lot of action in. (I'm also assuming that Damion Hellstorm became such a dick sometime after the point i'm currently at in my back issue reading project. Maybe during Warren Ellis' run? The Son of Satan from 1982 certainly wouldn't have acted like this.)

...I guess in retrospect nothing was all that bad, except Confessions. I must have just been grumpy.

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October 3, 2009

Unleash the furries

Spored to Death reviews Executive Koala.

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October 2, 2009

Marvel Sales


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Honduras update

This is interesting (and a little scary), and shows Obama taking a strong and controversial stand, which i am impressed by.

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Recap 30

Oh, We Know All About Re-Attaching Limbs

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October 1, 2009

Neck stretch

That certainly got his attention.

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Random Lyrics Thursday

Death opened a boutique by the Future Bible Heroes

on friday the 13th, death opened a boutique
on the champs elysees
selling fear and dismay

open seven days a week
it was de rieugur and chic
for the wicked and the weak
death opened a boutique

people came from far and near
to buy poison and tears
the decor was delectable
the service impeccable

it was expensive - what isn't?
it sold black plague and socialism
there was no reason to exist
if you weren't on the mailing list

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