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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

X-Babies #2 - I don't know what they're trying to accomplish here. All anyone wants is some little scenes with the X-Babies being cute and funny. Should have gotten Chris Giarrusso to write it. All this Star Characters stuff is pretty uninteresting, even by the standards of my low expectations.

X-Men Origins: Iceman #1 - Why did i buy this? I'm not saying it was bad, but... why did i think i needed an origin of Iceman comic?

Psylocke #1 - I guess i'm a little disappointed that they're even getting into Psylocke's bizarre origin/history, but it's being handled well enough so far.

Sword #1 - The art was pretty bad. The Beast looked nothing like anything we've ever seen before. And the very distinctive Death's Head was just barely recognizable. Thank goodness for his distinctive speech patterns, yes? But writing-wise, i thought this was pretty enjoyable.

Daredevil #502 - Yeah, that's what i thought. Daredevil's just running the Hand in order to neutralize it. More or less. It looks like there may be a slight twist to that. But it's not nearly as interesting as we thought it might be.

Astonishing X-Men #32 - A meat-sentinel that shoots Brood as missles? Yeah, that's Warren Ellis. Nice touch having Wolverine call the Brood "sleazoids", too. And good character moments, like when Wolverine comments on Cyclops' overly-stoic nature after they were both injured. And, of course, nice Jimenez art, although i didn't really like the faces. But, um, re-animated dead mutants being raised and sent to attack the X-Men? Anyone doing any coordination over there in the X-Offices?

Reborn #4 - Maybe they wouldn't have had to extend this into 5 issues if they hadn't been dithering about for the past 3. But this issue was pretty good. Things are happening. And Dr. Doom is awesome.

Imperial Guard #1 - I guess a 5 issue series about the Imperial Guard, never my favorite, may be pushing the limits of what i can tolerate even if Abnett & Lanning are writing it. But we'll see where it goes.

Doctor Voodoo #2 - Kind of unmemorable. I liked the first issue. But this seemed a bit of going through the motions. And Nightmare is a difficult character to write correctly. But again, we'll see.

Deadpool Team-Up #899 - Nightmare again! This was fun, though. I wish Van Lente was writing all the Deadpool Team-Up issues.

X-Force #21 - Big fight issue! I enjoyed the art. This is a fun cross-over. Simple enough.

Nova #31 - Abnett & Lanning may not be able to get me to love the Imperial Guard, but they've got me enjoying a comic plot about Darkhawk. So they are obviously very talented.

X-Men vs. Agents of Atlas #2 - Clearly, this is awesome and the Agents should get their own book back and everyone should read it. I did think that the psychic dream sequence, introduced as a back-up last issue and now integrated into the main story, was a little strangely done. But that's a quibble.

Assault on New Olympus #1 - Nice. Very good, actually. All the best elements of the Hercules series - myths, comedy, great super-fights... and these guys write a good Spider-Man. But, the Agents of Atlas back-up was a little too short to be satisfying. If they're going to be that length, i don't think they'll be successful in reviving interest in the series. I did like the art, though.

By fnord12 | November 22, 2009, 4:59 PM | Comics