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RU Doombot or Not?

Doombot RU Bot or Not?

Welcome to our new semi-regular feature here at SuperMegaMonkey where, in the spirit of Fantastic Four #350, we take a look at questionable appearances by Dr. Doom and determine if it was the real deal or just a Doombot.

For our inaugural post, we'll take a look at a crossover between Super-Villain Team-Up #14 and Champions #16 (Oct-Nov 1977).

It starts with Magneto showing up in Latveria to discover that Dr. Doom has already taken over the entire world with a mind-controlling gas.

Bored with complete domination of the Earth, Dr. Doom sets Magneto free, allowing the evil mutant to challenge his dominion. After a long plot that involves the Avengers, the Beast, the Champions, and the Hulk, Dr. Doom winds up breathing in his own mind-control gas. The results are... bizarre.

"Doom... must be obeyed... but i am Doom! Why does Doom not give me orders?? Why???"

Conclusion: I think we can pretty safely assume Doombot. It may have been the real Doom who took over the world, but the one who shows up at the end is obviously a 'bot that Doom sent in to end the charade once he was too bored to go any further with it.

By fnord12 | April 20, 2011, 1:49 PM | Comics


er...did doom have a spare mask he quickly slipped on that didn't have air filters or does he wear a mask under his mask?

I think he just quickly re-applied the scalding hot mask that the Ghost Rider burned. Doom has a history of applying a scalding hot mask to his face: