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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

New Avengers #16 - First of all, will Fear Itself ever end? I understand that books are going to have to tie-in, but it feels like with these Avengers titles it's been tying in forever. And i don't understand why. I'm more tolerant of the talking heads scenes than, apparently, anyone else in the world, but even i see that it's clearly water-treading and not adding anything to the story. And the sales charts show that the tie-ins do absolutely nothing for the Avengers books; presumably anyone who is reading Fear Itself is already reading the Avengers. So why not just do an issue or two of tie-ins and then back to telling actual stories? Second, i don't think there's any way to read this book other than "Bendis responds to complains on the internet". Except it's complaints that came out like 5 years ago, when the New Avengers lineup was first announced. And it's a bit of straw man argument by necessity - in the Marvel Universe people wouldn't complain that Spider-Man doesn't belong on the Avengers because he works best as an outsider/loner character, or that Spider-Man or Wolverine are already appearing in enough books already, so the complaint is turned into the clunky "Who is worthy to be an Avenger?". Regardless, i'm sympathetic to Bendis/Marvel here. After Hawkeye, Tigra, Black Widow, etc., i have no problem with Spider-Man or Wolverine being on the team. I do think that the Avengers should be the "Mightiest" heroes, but as long as you've got Thor or Iron Man (or heck, Dr. Strange) to call on, you're good. And with this approach, the Avengers books went from being way overshadowed by the X-Men to being Marvel's top seller, so i think it was a good move, and crossover issues aside, i think the stories that have been told have been good ones... Anyway, i didn't mean to turn this review into a defense of Bendis' entire run. As for what little plot there was in this issue... very sappy/sentimental. Oh and Daredevil has no business being in the Avengers.

Alpha Flight #4 - I was going to say that Alpha Flight could probably use some new villains, but i guess there's two people in that final scene with the Master that i don't know - the liquid metal guy and Georgia O'Keeffe Head. And the truth is i'm pretty ignorant of a lot of the more recent Alpha Flight stuff. Anyway, i have no problem with the Master being the main villain here. This was a "move the plot along" issue, and i enjoyed it.

Herc #7 - I think this is the only Spider-Island related story that i'll be getting because the premise just seemed really silly to me. But i've been looking forward to this issue thanks to the cover. And the inside doesn't disappoint. Hercules senses... tingling! Angst... fading... I'll also note that Pak & Van Lente write the X-Men pretty well, so maybe we could get them to take over one of the books when Herc is cancelled.

By fnord12 | September 18, 2011, 9:54 PM | Comics