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Why Can't They Build a Super Ginormous Comic Book Museum Someplace More Convenient to Me?

From io9.com

Danish design firm MVRDV recently won a competition to build the China Comic and Animation Museum in the city of Hangzhou. The firm shaped this trippy building like a collection of intermingling speech bubbles. The designers estimate that this project will cost €92 million (approximately $125.6 million), begin construction in 2012, and will attract visitors with its "gigantic 3D zoetrope."

I didn't understand what they meant by "intermingling speech bubbles" until i watched the video. It looks pretty kewl as a concept. Not sure how i feel about such an unstructured design, though. I always have a hard time when i'm in museums deciding what is the best way to go about seeing everything. I think i need things to be designed to move me in one direction instead of me having to decide on which section to see next. That was one of the best things about the Guggenheim. You just kept going up.

With the open path designs in this museum, i'd always feel like i might miss something important. And with comics, i'd want to see them in some sort of chronological order, which you can't obviously guarantee if you can go in just about any direction.

Still, it's a ginormous comic book museum!

By min | September 25, 2011, 12:59 AM | Comics