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RU Doombot or Not?

Part III in a series. Part I. Part II.

Doombot RU Bot or Not?

It's robots all the way down with this one.

MODOK dares Dr. Doom to build a robot version of Bucky.

Most of these screenshots are from Captain America #130-132 by Lee/Colan/Ayers

Dr. Doom talks to himself because his every utterance is recorded for posterity.  Jim Shooter said so.

He then uses his mental powers to convince Baron Strucker to look for a Bucky lookalike, in order to use him to lure Captain America into a trap.

Anything to avoid looking at that giant floating head peering in my window.

Strucker scours the gyms of San Fransisco and eventually finds the Buckybot that MODOK planted.

You have to be a little suspicious of Strucker hanging around in San Fransisco gyms looking for boys.

Strucker, by the way, is walking around with a bag on his head, calling himself the Hood.

I'm sorry, sir.  I'm having trouble understanding you.  Is... is there a bag over your head, by chance?

And while we do get to see him without the hood...

He's also a believer in comfortable turtleneck sweaters, even during a fight.

...it will turn out, years later, that he's actually a robot himself, built by the Machinesmith.

These two panels are from Cap #247 by Stern/Byrne/Rubinstein

So, let's pause and reflect on what we've got so far. MODOK goads Dr. Doom to create a Buckybot, and then mentally manipulates a Baron von Struckerbot into finding it and using it against Cap. MODOK is awesome!

In the end, Dr. Doom built the robot so good that it overrides its own programming because it can't bring itself to kill Cap.

Surprising that there's no sound effect in that final panel.  I think i would add a 'ZOT!!'

So.. Doombot or not? I vote Bot. Awesome as MODOK is, i don't see Dr. Doom succumbing to peer pressure like that. Besides, everyone else is a damn robot in this story, so why not Doom?

By fnord12 | November 2, 2011, 4:05 PM | Comics


so that's how fury got the idea for LMDs.

do you think strucker's wearing his monocle even under the hood and sunglasses?

As a geek, i'm obligated to inform you that SHIELD LMDs predate all of these issues.

He must be wearing the monocle. How else would he see?

Maybe Doom knew this would happen and built the robo-Bucky out of spite. Like "oh, you think I can't build a good Bucky robot? I'll build a PERFECT Bucky robot just to show you how you can't even handle DOOM doing you a favor." :)

Colan's work looks really good here.