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Stan Lee's Sci-Fi Sexploitation

For my Marvel Timeline project, i only include entries that i own physical copies of, but i recently had occasion to download Savage Tales #1 (May 71), first appearance of the Man-Thing, so i could compare some things with his second appearance in Astonishing Tales #12-13.

Also included in that issue was a story i had been interested in for a while: "The Fury of the Femizons" by Stan Lee with art by John Romita Sr. Since i'll probably never get this issue due to the cost (Savage Tales #1 runs for $41 at mycomicshop.com, and this story was only reprinted once, in Savage Tales #3, of all places, which sells for $22), and since it takes place in the future and doesn't really belong in my chronology project anyway, i thought i would review it here.

Stan Lee imagines the 23rd century, which is ruled by "vicious voluptuaries".

No pillow fights at *this* slumber party.

Lyra, sister to the queen, wins a death-duel and is rewarded with a male slave.

Queen Vega traces her lineage directly back to the first Queen and leader of the Femizon revolution, Suzanne Vega.

Lyra professes loyalty to the three S's of the United Sister Alliance...

Also, surf music and soda pop.

...but she's secretly feeling like something's missing from her life.

When her latest male slave, Mogon, discovers her secret collection of forbidden "brain tapes", he learns the history of Lyra's world.

Such terrible atrocities will never happen again.  Instead we'll just kill each other in sword fights for fun.

Since men kept screwing things up, women have taken over and are hunting the remaining men down like beasts. The women are birthed via "sperm vials". Lyra and the Queen were birthed of the same sperm vial, and that's why they're sisters.

Lyra develops a romance with her slave, and also participates in a secret revolution to bring equal rights to men. However, her sister and the manipulative adviser Syrani become suspicious of her, and to allay suspicions she is forced to run Mogon through.

And tell the geneticists that it's time to stop using the Moondragon sperm vial so often.

The story ends with Lyra longing for the males of old.

A time when sheep were scared.

This alternate future is brought into Marvel Universe continuity with Fantastic Four #151, when we learn that Thundra, who had been around since Fantastic Four #129...

Conies are apparently small mammals referenced in the bible.

...is from this Femizon world (unlike Lyra, Thundra is 100% sold on the Femizon's Credo when she first arrives).

It's actually a surprisingly restrained story, considering that Stan Lee wrote it. And compared to Fantastic Four #151, for example, which introduces Thundra's ridiculous male counterpart, Mahkizmo, from a different, opposite alternative future.

One day John Byrne will reveal that Mahkizmo is Rogue's brother.

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Marvelmania #6(9/70) announced this story as "Society of the Future".

For what it's worth, "The Fury of the Femizons" was also reprinted in Stan's book THE SUPERHERO WOMEN.

Reference from SuperMegaMonkey : chronocomic

The Femizons first appeared in a fantasy story written by Stan Lee in Savage Tales #1.    Read More: Fantastic Four #151-153

Reference from SuperMegaMonkey : chronocomic

Thundra's alternate future reality of Femizonia was first depicted in Savage Tales #1.    Read More: Marvel Two-In-One #53-58

Reference from SuperMegaMonkey : chronocomic

No footnotes, but Thundra's origin was covered in Savage Tales #1 and Fantastic Four #151-153.    Read More: Marvel Two-In-One #67

Reference from SuperMegaMonkey

In the spirit of what i did for the Femizon story in Savage Tales #1, here's another comic that's only vaguely in continuity and which i don't actually own, so i'll look at it here instead of in my timeline...    Read More: The original, British, Rocket Raccoon

Reference from SuperMegaMonkey : chronocomic

The Essential Man-Thing reprint only includes the Man-Thing story from this issue, but i did also cover the Femizon story on my main blog.    Read More: Savage Tales #1 (Man-Thing)