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Godzilla Drinking Game

This has been sitting on a piece of paper since our big Toho Movie Marathon last year. I figured i should finally post it. This applies to all movies in the Godzilla universe(s): Showa, Heisei, and Millenium series. If you like, you can navigate the Godzilla chronology chart and see how we applied these to the Toho movies.

On to the game. We don't actually drink much so instead of drinking just hit yourself in the head when any of the events below occur...

  • Someone thinks it's a good idea to drag a giant monster across the ocean on a raft (giant eggs count).
  • Attacking planes fly directly at a monster, with no possibility of avoiding a crash even if the monster didn't swat them down.
  • A submarine explodes.
  • People refuse to believe in the existence of a giant monster even though they've already acknowledged that Godzilla exists.
  • Teens have a dance party on a boat. Two drinks/head smacks if they get attacked by a monster during the party.
  • The government is completely ineffective when faced with a corporation doing something illegal (this one may have application outside of the movies).
  • A humongous lumbering monster manages to sneak up on someone. Two drinks/head smacks if it's the army and they're supposedly using radar.
  • A scientist suddenly figures everything out with little-to-no information and explains it all to everyone.
  • A monster suddenly grows in size just because.
  • People expose themselves to major amounts of radiation with no concern.
  • Everyone suddenly knows a monster's name. Two drinks/head smacks if everyone else nods appreciatively and repeats it.
  • Army missiles can't seem to hit a 150+ foot monster and instead explode harmlessly around it.
  • A woman falls down for no reason.
  • Bad dinosaur science. You have to give a little leeway for the time period, but pretending a children's picture book is a scientific journal is always worth two drinks/smacks.

P.S. We recently watched the MST3K versions of all the Gamera movies and found that the above rules apply fairly well to them as well.

By fnord12 | February 8, 2012, 4:16 PM | Godzilla


I can see why you like these movies so much

Reference from SuperMegaMonkey : chronocomic

By the rules of my Godzilla drinking game, the scene above is worth two drinks/head smacks; one for a giant monster sneaking up on you, and one for someone immediately knowing its name.    Read More: Iron Man #30