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Avengers by the numbers

Since all i got this week was Avengers #23 and New Avengers #22, instead of a regular SuperMegaSpeed Review, it's a good opportunity to settle this "Are Bendis' Avengers books any good?" question. We'll do it mathematically.

Here are the raw numbers:

Avengers #23 starts off with a drag-racing tribute to Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill! Or maybe Judas Priest's video for Heading Out To The Highway.+2
Hammer/Hydra has technology to re-create the Avengers' super-powers, which is a genie that you can't put back in the bottle.-3
AIM's Beekeeper costumes are drawn in a way that makes them look gigantic and ridiculous.+1
Storm was added to the Avengers only to immediately get captured and do absolutely nothing.-1
The nuanced respect that AIM scientist Dr. Washington has for Tony Stark.+1
Bendis makes his pet character Quake the one who rescues the Avengers.-1
Vision is returned to the Avengers only to do absolutely nothing.-1
I still don't understand how there are now two separate Visions running around and everyone knows that this one is the revived original instead of Young Vision.-1
The Red Hulk threatens to eat Dr. Washington.+4
Ninja cliffhanger.-1
Pretty good art by Daniel Acuna.+1
Nice art by Mike Deodato.+2
Dark Avengers redux.-2
I can't remember if Madame Hydra is playing the role of the evil Ms. Marvel or if it's someone else. Or if there's both a Madame Hydra and a Viper on the team. If it is the same woman, how did she get super-powers and how does she change her hair from black to green from scene to scene? And if it's not her, who the hell is it?-2
Luke Cage's "regression" to "angry black guy", which I think is totally justified based on the fact the Osborn is deliberately pushing his trigger buttons.0
The Skaar switcharoo.+2
Bendis writes snappy, believable dialogue that is funny and fun to read.+2
Bendis writes dialogue that is interchangeable, with every character having the same voice so it doesn't matter who says what.-2

So there you have it. Add it all up and the two books squeak by with a positive 1 rating. You'd have to go back as far as Kurt Busiek's run to find a similar high score, and an even longer slog to anything decent prior to that.

The numbers don't lie, folks. Bendis' Avengers are good.

By fnord12 | March 6, 2012, 10:05 PM | Comics


despite you not doing a proper review, i shall have my say!

NA: i can't believe Jessica Jones pulled a Heather Hudson!

I remember a comic I used to have that I thought was either from the Secret Wars mini series or was a 1 of 1 mini series. I thought it had a bunch of heroes and villains lined up on each side of the cover getting ready to go at each other.

I remember a scene inside where Captain America pulls Hulk and Wolverine aside to talk them about the coming battles and how since they both had killed people in the past, their services would be needed at just the right time.

I also remember a scene where Wolverine attacks the bad guy (can't remember who) and after sinking his claws in, the bad guy just conducts his power through his body into Wolverines claws and cooks him.

Do you know what comic this could be?
It is killing me to remember.

Bill, the scenes that you're looking for are from Infinity Gauntlet #3-4. It's Adam Warlock, not Captain America, who pulls Hulk and Wolverine aside, but otherwise the scenes are as you describe.

I don't care for either artist.
and I don't find the dialogue so snappy or believable.
But the Skaar reveal made me shout out loud.
The replicating powers bit is should be at least a -5 no matter what scale you're using.
So at least a -4 for me.
So you're wrong.