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So That's What Smells Like Licorice

Everytime we drive over the Casciano Memorial Bridge, we have to turn the recirc on in the car because, frankly, it stinks. Fnord12 claims it smells like licorice to him. To me, it just smells like stink. However, we've never been treated to a light show on our drive home.

Parts of the Union County sky lit up early this morning, prompting a few strained necks and concerned phone calls from residents wondering what exactly was causing that glow.

A house fire? No. An explosion? No. Extra-terrestrials looking for runway clearance at Newark Airport? Sadly, no.

The truth, it seems, is far more pedestrian. A ConocoPhillips refinery in Linden was releasing excess gas, which burned bright against the foggy night sky, said Elizabeth Police Officer Thomas Glackin.

I feel cheated.

This site lists common components of refinery gas as "butanes, butylenes, methane, ethane, and ethylene". Mmm....

By min | March 26, 2012, 1:41 PM | Liberal Outrage