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Hulu Misses the Point of Hulu

From The Mary Sue (who i'm still pissed off at for the whole "We panned Sucker Punch without actually watching it or taking the time to understand what the movie was actually about" debacle):

Hulu provides ad-supported content in the way of clips and full television shows and films to users. They also proved a paid subscriction service that still has ads but with more content. They also recently started airing original programming. But according to a NY Post report, Hulu is moving toward an "authentication" model. In other words, you'll already have to have a cable television subscription in order to use the service.

I'm pretty sure the point of Hulu is for people who don't have cable or satellite to watch TV. How is Hulu missing that? If i already have cable, i prolly have a DVR or TIVO. What the hell would i need Hulu for then?

What I think might happen as a result of an authentication model is viewers getting desperate. Hulu is a free and legal service, forcing people to pay, especially if it's not going to Hulu itself, could lead to some resorting to illegal means to procure shows. The other thing to consider is the legality of making someone subscribe to a cable provider in order to watch something from, let's say, NBC, which is free to begin with.

As a commenter points out, it's like they want you to steal stuff. Jerks.

By min | April 30, 2012, 6:48 PM | TeeVee