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Comics for new Avengers fans

Todd Allen at The Beat has some suggestions. I think he dismisses both Bendis' and Roger Stern's runs too easily. You're never going to get a run that includes all the characters from the movie, especially when you've got the Hulk in the mix. And like it or not, the older comics have a more stilted dialogue that isn't going to appeal to everyone, which is why i think Bendis may be the way to go.

But clearly, the best comic to give anyone newly intrigued by any Marvel super-heroes movie is Secret Wars.

By fnord12 | May 8, 2012, 2:52 PM | Comics


i hear that Peter David Hulk run is excellent. i might even get to it in 20 years or so.

i don't think you need a run that includes all the characters in the movie, but i do think a nice clean story arc is a must. and in that case, i would agree that it would be difficult to give a new initiate anything from the Bendis run.

you also need to consider the artist. a new reader could be turned off by bad art and not care that it's an excellent story. so, basically, nothing Leinil Yu is drawing. unless they like zombies...