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Women Deserve Pockets, Too

As you may remember, I've ranted on the inadequacy of pockets in women's clothing in a previous post. To emphasize that point, let me show you just how ridiculous the pockets are in a pair of my own pants.

it's like they were forced to add pockets so they got their revenge by making them useless

In what world would designing a front pocket that's 2 inches deep ever make any sense? I've checked fnord12's pockets. A total of zero of his pockets are stupid. I've seen him shove his giant phone, his more giant wallet, and his set of keys, complete with a full-sized Swiss Army knife, into his pockets with no problem. I can barely get a tube of chapstick into my pockets without going over capacity. God forbid i had to make room for my 2 office keys.

So, clothing designers, could you get a clue, please?

By min | December 19, 2012, 5:54 PM | My stupid life